Tenet and AMA New York Team Up for Webinar on Overcoming Challenges in Brand Transformation

New York, NY (August 30, 2017) – Tenet Partners and AMA New York team up for a special webinar at 1 p.m. ET on September 26 about how to solve the key challenges in brand transformation. This webinar will tackle the four key pivot points in brand transformation: capturing valid insight, devising a focused strategy, optimizing concept development, and moving the best ideas forward. Our speakers will use real project examples to illustrate simple tools for making better decisions that will ensure better outcomes.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to leverage customers in ways they can best contribute and avoid letting them lead you astray.
  • How to develop a coherent design strategy that builds consensus and focuses creative energy with greater impact and fewer bullet points.
  • How to approach concept exploration to avoid “ideation frustration” in quality, freshness and breadth.
  • How to identify and refine the most promising concepts without rigid criteria that leaves great ideas behind.

Our Speakers

Ken Miller, Partner, Innovation Strategy & Design
David Demar, Partner, Innovation Strategy & Design

Can’t make the webinar? If you register in advance, you’ll receive a link to the webinar recording after the event. Don’t miss your opportunity to gain key insights from our team.

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Driving Value for Brands: Tenet Partners Relaunches Cloud-Based Digital Asset Management Solution

New York, NY (August 09, 2017) – Tenet Partners today relaunched Brand Ensemble, its leading brand asset management (BAM) and digital asset management (DAM) platform. The re-engineered, cloud-based offering brings together a comprehensive set of capabilities to enable digital transformation for brand managers at large enterprises.

For more than 20 years, large brands such as Xerox, Amgen, Conduent, Travelers, and CFA Institute have trusted Tenet’s innovative software and client-centered approach to create a stronger more consistent brand.

Now, increasingly complex channels, partner relationships, marketing systems and global operations have created new challenges for those responsible for managing brand assets. Brand Ensemble addresses these issues in a single platform that unifies eight solutions brand managers need to succeed in today’s fast moving environments.

Brand Ensemble’s core features include:

  • Brand portal
  • Digital asset management
  • Photo library
  • Logo selector
  • Approval workflow
  • Brand audit
  • Ad builder
  • Access control

In a dynamic, digital world, companies need a DAM to manage the deluge of digital assets they generate to scale their marketing strategies. From strategy to launch, Tenet Partners provides an end-to-end solution that helps companies to build, secure, and utilize a central library for all their digital assets including guidelines for their use.

Tenet has long championed robust, simple digital asset management as a tool for enhancing brand value, and was a pioneer in the space. “Our first implementation of an enterprise BAM/DAM system was for Texaco in 1999. We were the first company to implement a global, multi-language, digital brand management platform for a major US corporation,” said Larry Roth, Senior Partner at Tenet Partners. “An ‘ease of use’ philosophy that tailors content based on user profiles was a hallmark of the Texaco implementation. Improving usability was instrumental in transforming brand management at Texaco and remains a guiding principle.”

In building and maintaining a strong brand image, consistency and strict adherence to guidelines is fundamental to the maintenance of brand value. Large organizations with brands to match must supply guidelines, education, tools, and training to secure and grow their brand’s impact in the marketplace. Instead of ad hoc distribution of PDFs via Dropbox or Google Drive, Brand Ensemble provides a complete platform tailor-made for a company’s brand management workflows. As a result, marketing and creative teams have ready access to the assets, up-to-date guidance and approval tools they need to consistently produce on-brand work.

The solution readily scales to accommodate complex enterprise needs. Brand Ensemble’s largest implementation had over 70,000 pages and 20 million monthly page views. Currently, over 200,000 people in more than 50 countries and communicating in six different languages rely on Brand Ensemble daily.

“Brand Ensemble is engineered to deliver, on a global scale, a robust core of capabilities that are customized to the specific business processes and control systems of a company,” said Hampton Bridwell, CEO at Tenet Partners. “We do not believe in the one-size-fits-all approach. In our experience, customizing the solution for the individual client delivers much better return on investment, and this is borne out in the marketplace. Many of our customers today have abandoned systems from our competitors in favor of a Brand Ensemble implementation from Tenet Partners.”

About Brand Ensemble

Brand Ensemble is an innovation developed by Tenet Partners, a 100% employee owned firm based in New York City. At Tenet, we believe companies need a new set of principles to grow business in a digital world. Respecting collaborations with thinkers and doers, distilling value from analytics, and making meaningful connections with employees and clients — these are convictions that put customers at the center of your brand and business strategies.

For more information, please contact:

Jessica McHie
Business Development and Marketing
Tenet Partners
1 212-329-3165

Tenet Partners Named Among the Top New York City Agencies of 2017

New York, NY (July 18, 2017) – Tenet Partners today is named among the top New York City agencies of 2017 by B2B ratings and research firm Clutch, which uses ongoing research of leading B2B firms in New York to pinpoint the top providers in industries such as, advertising, branding, public relations, social media management, SEO, pay-per-click, digital, mobile app development, and custom software development. Take a look at what clients are saying about Tenet Partners on Clutch.co.

“Being recognized by Clutch as one of the best branding and innovation firms in New York City speaks volumes about our commitment to deliver the highest quality work for clients, the enormous talent of our people, and the culture of our firm,” said Hampton Bridwell, CEO at Tenet Partners. “The reviews from clients reinforces the magic of our 100% employee ownership model, which enables us to attract and retain the best talent and consistently do what’s right for our clients and to focus on their needs.”

Clutch identified the best agencies and developers in New York based on its long-standing methodology that tracks the industry expertise of service providers against their ability to deliver quality results to clients. Tenet Partners lands a top spot on Clutch’s list of the best branding agencies because of a unique skill that sets the company apart from others.

“Our ability to tightly fuse brand and innovation is really what makes us different from other agencies,” Bridwell said. “This unique ability to challenge clients, reimagine their businesses, and ignite growth is why clients value our work.”

Companies featured on Clutch are evaluated on their market presence as demonstrated by the services they offer, clients they serve, and examples of quality projects they have completed. Also, companies are evaluated by their clients through firsthand interviews conducted by Clutch analysts. These reviews are published on their company profiles on Clutch.co.

“New York City is known for being a global hub for advertising, design and innovation. For this reason, it can be incredibly difficult for agencies to stand out among their competitors,” said Jenna Seter, business analyst at Clutch. “All of the companies featured today have accomplished exactly that — proving themselves as leaders in their industries as a result of their commitment to clients, passion for their work, and ability to generate results.”

About Tenet Partners

Tenet Partners is a brand innovation firm that transforms organizations through a blend of research, strategy, design and technology. Our mission is to help companies create brand value and unlock real-time solutions and possibilities in today’s digital-driven and customer-focused world.

About Clutch

A B2B research firm in the heart of Washington, DC, Clutch connects you with the agencies and software solutions that can help you enhance your business and meet your goals. Our methodology maps agencies and software solutions based on consumer reviews, the types of services offered, and quality of work.

For more information, please contact:

Valerie Chernetskyy
Manager, Marketing Communications
Tenet Partners
+ 1 212 329-3034

Tenet Partners CoreBrand® 1000 Bolsters New ETF Targeting Brand Value

New York, NY (June 13, 2017) – Exponential ETFs and Brandometry today launched the Brand Value ETF (NYSE: BVAL), which uses Tenet CoreBrand 1000 Data to identify companies with strong brands whose latent value has not yet been realized by their stock price. The exchange-traded fund (ETF) will trade on the New York Stock Exchange.

“This is a historic moment for Tenet Partners and the application of our CoreBrand Analytics capability. The corporate brand is one of the largest off-balance sheet assets that receives significant capital but has been elusive to quantify and incorporate into investment strategies until now,” said Hampton Bridwell, CEO of Tenet Partners.

The Brand Value ETF tracks the BrandTransact50® index (BTW50), a primarily large-cap portfolio that provides the benefits of intelligent security selection using advanced analytics and a rules-based format. The BTW50 index is underpinned by the CoreBrand® 1000 brand performance data from Tenet Partners and financial analytics from Toroso Investments, co-developers of the index.

James Gregory, Tenet Partners Chairman, steered the creation over 25 years ago of the only data-driven, quantitative brand performance measurement. “Brand value is the culmination of business process design, organizational culture, communications investment, and customer experience. This represents a significant portion of a company’s stock price that and can be quantified using CoreBrand Analytics,” Gregory said. “The future of investing is going to take a harder look at these assets that represent a larger and larger role in the value of corporations.”

The index equally weights the top 50 companies within the Wilshire 5000 Total Market Index™ that exhibit a discount of brand and intangible asset value to market cap. In short, this index identifies companies with unrealized brand value that have high potential for margin expansion.

“Today most corporate value sits under an all-encompassing umbrella called ‘Brand’ and we can now combine qualitative and quantitative measures to identify total brand value. It is vital the market pays attention to these new ways of identifying unrealized value for investors,” said Susan Avarde, Co-Founder of Brandometry and former Head of Global Brand, Citigroup Inc.

About Tenet Partners

The underlying analysis of the BTW50 index includes a cross reference to historical brand value metrics provided by Tenet Partners, a highly-recognized authority on brand innovation, measurement and valuation that currently analyzes over 1,000 US publicly traded companies comprising the Tenet CoreBrand® 1000. Tenet uses a highly stable, quantitative benchmark tracking system with a proprietary model correlating corporate brand to market capitalization. Tenet has been compiling quarterly brand data for US companies consistently since 1994.

About Exponential ETFs

Exponential ETFs offer exchange traded funds in partnership with select asset managers. These managers are chosen for their ability to utilize differentiated approaches to investing that seeks to provide superior results for investors. Backed by over 30 years of ETF industry expertise, Exponential ETFs are built and managed using the industry’s best practices, and are overseen by an experienced product management team and an industry leading capital markets infrastructure. Exponential ETFs is wholly owned by ACSI Funds.

About Brandometry

Brandometry provides research for advisors and clients striving for alpha performance by signaling when to own leading brands. Brandometry has pioneered a new, non-traditional index based on “Brand”. The BrandTransact 50® index identifies companies worthy of investment that share high value potential and positive brand resonance. The Index uses a rules-based methodology to identify strong brands that maintain brand equity value not reflected in share price.

About ACSI Funds

ACSI Funds is a boutique asset manager that creates investment products based upon proprietary customer satisfaction data from the nationally recognized American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). The ACSI was created in 1994 by Dr. Claes Fornell, University of Michigan Professor Emeritus, and measures over 350 brands, engaging over 100,000 household customers each year to identify trends in customer satisfaction and provide benchmarking insights for companies, industry trade associates, and government agencies. The American Customer Satisfaction Core Alpha ETF was named ETF Innovation of the Year at the 2017 Fund Action ETF Innovation Awards. The firm and the ACSI ETF were also nominated for the 2017 ETF.com Awards as the most innovative new ETF and the new ETF issuer of the year.

About Wilshire Associates

Wilshire Associates (Wilshire®), a leading global financial services firm that provides consulting services, analytics solutions and customized investment solutions to plan sponsors, investment managers and financial intermediaries. The firm was founded in 1972, providing revolutionary technology and acting as an early innovator in the application of investment analytics and research to investment managers in the institutional marketplace. Wilshire calculates ‘Powered by Wilshire’ indexes based on third-party supplied methodology and makes no representation about the intended purpose or methodology used to construct them.

An investor should consider the Fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing. The prospectus or summary prospectus contain this and other important information about the Fund and are available at acsietf.com or by calling 1-800-617-0004. Please read the prospectus or summary prospectus carefully before investing.

Investing involves risk. Principal loss is possible. The Index relies heavily on proprietary quantitative models as well as information and data supplied by third parties (Models and Data). Because the Index is composed based on such Models and Data, when such Models and Data prove to be incorrect or incomplete, the Index and Fund may not perform as expected. As with all index funds, the performance of the Fund and its Index may differ from each other for a variety of reasons. For example, the Fund incurs operating expenses and portfolio transaction costs not incurred by the Index. In addition, the Fund may not be fully invested in the securities of the Index at all times or may hold securities not included in the Index. The Fund has the same risks as the underlying securities traded on the exchange through the day. Redemptions are limited and commissions are charged on each trade, and ETFs may trade at a premium or discount to their net asset value.

Shares of the Brand Value ETF may be sold throughout the day on the exchange through any brokerage account. However, shares may only be redeemed directly from the Fund by Authorized Participants, in very large creation/redemption units. There can be no assurance that an active trading market for shares of an ETF will develop or be maintained.

Alpha, often considered the active return on an investment, gauges the performance of an investment against a market index used as a benchmark.

The BrandTransact 50® Index seeks to identify companies worthy of investment that share high growth potential and positive brand resonance. The Index uses a rules-based methodology to identify strong brands that maintain brand equity value not recognized in share price. The Index represents those top 50 companies, equally-weighted, determined per the scoring process. The Wilshire 5000 Total Market Index measures the performance of all U.S. equity securities with readily available price data. Approximately, 5,000 capitalization-weighted security returns are used to adjust the index. It is not possible to invest directly in an index.

ACSI Funds, a registered investment adviser, serves as investment adviser to the Brand Value ETF through its Exponential ETFs platform, and is paid a fee for its services.

Criteria related to the ETF Innovation of the Year award and ETF Newcomer of the year nomination can be found here: http://bit.ly/2ptWzCU The Fund did not win the award for ETF Newcomer of the Year.

The Brand Value ETF is distributed by Quasar Distributors, LLC.

For more information, please contact:

Valerie Chernetskyy
Manager, Marketing Communications
Tenet Partners
+ 1 212 329-3034

Brand Culture Webinar March 28, 2017 @ 1PM EDT

New York, NY (March 07, 2017) – Tenet Partners, in association with TalentCulture, presents Company Brand Culture at the intersection of brand and HR

Your brand is the promise your marketers say your company will deliver to your customers. Your HR team ensures your employees deliver on that distinctive customer experience. To extend our knowledge of the factors that impact brand culture, we recently surveyed employees at companies in the US and UK to find out what influences how employees live a company’s brand. We conducted the study over a two-week period at the beginning of 2017 and heard from representatives from over 50 companies.

We found that there are many factors that influence brand culture including the importance of communicating and reinforcing a company’s brand, brand aligned recruitment, engagement and retention. In our recent TalentCulture #WorkTrends podcast, we shared some of our high-level insights on these topics. To see the survey results and to gain some deeper insights register for this FREE webinar on March 28th from 1:00 – 2:00 PM EDT.

Sharing insights from Brand Culture

New York, NY (February 09, 2017) – Our Culture Track practice is deepening its approach to employee engagement. To help us shape the kind of work we do in the future and share best practice with the branding community, we have been researching the key factors that influence brand culture. We surveyed employees at companies in the US and UK to find out what influences how employees live a company’s brand. We conducted the study over a two-week period at the beginning of 2017 and heard from representatives from over 50 companies.

We found that there are many factors that influence brand culture. Some include the importance of communicating and reinforcing a company’s brand, brand aligned recruitment, engagement and retention.

In our #WorkTrends podcast on February 22nd we’ll be sharing some of our high-level insights on employee engagement, brand culture and employee retention when we speak with Meghan Biro, founder and host of TalentCulture, a popular online program targeted to HR and Cultural audiences.

To find out more about the upcoming show, follow the TalentCulture #WorkTrends hashtag on Twitter and look out for us on February 22nd. We can’t wait to hear your insights!

On our Twitter chat, we will share the top-level headlines from our research; but for deeper insights, you can join our FREE webinar on March 28th. Just click here to sign up.

We’re auctioning innovation consulting for charity

New York, NY (February 03, 2017) – Tenet Partners through its strategic partnership with Verv Innovation is offering 10-15 hours of innovation consulting through the Charitybuzz online auction. Start bidding!

This includes a kick-off meeting (either in-person at Tenet’s New York City office or via teleconference) to learn more about your organization and your business goals, preliminary research, an in-person workshop and a final brand findings report.

Our proven Co-Magination® approach brings designers, strategists and client participants together to deliver exciting, on-strategy and actionable solutions in durables, packaged goods and services. Learn how to create unexpected, high-impact opportunities that will move your brand forward.

Your one-day workshop includes:

  • Review of your chosen product and service innovation opportunity, and use of our analytical tools to focus on platforms for innovation.
  • Customized activities and interactive exercises designed to fuel preliminary concepts and inspire real-time early state solutions.
  • Customer journey mapping that will help you assess, visualize and improve customer experiences at key brand touchpoints.

Tenet Partners is a brand and innovation firm that transforms organizations through a fusion of research, strategy, design and digital experiences. Our mission to help companies create brand value and unlock real-time solutions and possibilities in today’s digital, customer-driven world.

Our strategic partnership with the Verv Innovation team has redefined how we help clients create and deliver successful innovations for products and/or services that are used in homes and workplaces. By bringing consumers and clients closer to the design process, we have delivered breakout innovations for many of the word’s most prominent brands, including: 3M, Abbott, Clorox, Calphalon, Colgate-Palmolive, Kraft Foods and LG Electronics. Learn more at http://www.vervinnovation.com.

Additional lot details

  • Expires 1 year from the close of auction.
  • To be scheduled at a mutually agreed upon date.
  • Experience cannot be resold or re-auctioned.
  • Cannot be transferred.
  • Travel and accommodations are not included. (All required meetings and workshops would take place at Tenet’s New York City office, located in Chelsea, home to NYC’s largest start-up community).
  • Participants must represent a consumer service provider or product manufacturer.
  • Tenet Partners reserves the right to invite outside participants that will enhance the workshop experience, including but not limited to: current/past clients, designers, consumers and key stakeholders.
  • We expect all winning bidders and their guests to be committed to the task at hand and conduct themselves accordingly when attending an experience won at Charitybuzz. Polite manners and respect for the generous donor and adherence to any rules or parameters are a must.

Innovative Disruption: Utilizing brand to manage and drive change

New York, NY (December 05, 2016) – The concept of Disruptive Innovation in the mainstream lexicon of business by Professor Christensen is well established. But not much has been written about utilizing the brand to manage the changes that are potentially disruptive to your business or industry.

In the latest publication of the *Journal of Brand Strategy* (Vol. 5, No. 2, 142-149), Tenet Chairman, James R. Gregory and Hampton Bridwell, CEO and Managing Partner of Tenet, examine how customer experience management is one of the best tools in protecting your brand against disruptive intrusions.

Download the full article from the Journal of Brand Strategy: https://www.henrystewartpublications.com/jbs/sample9

Tenet Partners Bolsters Santa Monica Team with Two New Hires

Santa Monica, CA (September 27, 2016) – Tenet Partners, a leading brand innovation firm, today announced two hires in its Santa Monica office, appointing Ryan Carmichael as Partner, Digital, and Nina Steenwyk as Account Manager. Effective immediately, Carmichael and Steenwyk will play a pivotal role in driving the firm’s continued growth on the West Coast.

Reporting to Larry Roth, Senior Partner, Digital, Carmichael will be charged with enhancing existing client programs and identifying new business opportunities through digital transformation initiatives. He will help expand and build Tenet’s digital offerings and help clients create value-added digital experiences through the introduction of new digital capabilities, products and services. Steenwyk will report to Russ Napolitano, Chief Operating Officer and will oversee key client accounts, while also working closely with Tenet’s new business team to identify new client opportunities on the West Coast.

Carmichael brings to the position proven experience and success developing innovative digital products and online experiences in the finance, insurance and technology industries. Most recently he served as Director, Digital Products at Farmers Insurance where he oversaw digital product transformation efforts, including famers.com, agent websites, and Farmers’ mobile app. Prior to Farmers, he was Senior Product Marketing Manager at Yahoo! where he helped to create new audience targeting solutions combining offline and online data.

“It is a pleasure to welcome Ryan to the Tenet team,” said Hampton Bridwell, Tenet CEO and Managing Partner. “As our clients continue to refocus their business strategies to reflect the changes set forth by digital, his experience developing innovative digital solutions and tools will be instrumental to unlocking new opportunities for growth and transformation across the enterprise.”

Stepping into the Account Manager role, Steenwyk brings over 5 years of experience as a project manager, helping clients manage both their offline and online branding strategies. She has worked with a range of clients from various industries, including Google and Coca-Cola. Previously at ITAL/C Los Angeles, she oversaw new business development and client relations, managing cross-functional teams to ensure the successful completion of projects.

“Nina’s solid understanding of brand strategy and the role of digital in enhancing the customer experience makes her an ideal fit for this role,” Russ Napolitano, Chief Operating Officer at Tenet Partners. “Along with her ability to successfully manage and grow client relationships, I look forward to her many contributions helping Tenet to thrive in such a dynamic market.”

About Tenet Partners

Tenet Partners is a brand innovation firm that transforms organizations through a fusion of research, strategy, design and digital experiences. Our mission is to help companies create brand value and unlock real-time solutions and possibilities in today’s digital, customer-driven world.

For more information, please contact:

Russ Napolitano
Chief Operating Officer
Tenet Partners
+ 1 212 329-3035

Tenet Partners Announces a Strategic Investment in Verv Innovation to Deliver Next Generation of Customer Experiences

New York, NY (September 13, 2016) – Tenet Partners today announced a strategic investment in Verv Innovation Partners LLC. The investment enhances Tenet’s ability to deliver a robust suite of product and service innovation capabilities into high-growth categories, including consumer packaged goods and durable products. The transaction expands Verv Innovation’s reach into new industries and sectors including financial services, insurance, medical device, pharmaceuticals, technology and industrial companies.

The partnership accelerates growth by adding product innovation capabilities to Tenet’s disciplines in brand strategy and digital to deliver greater value across the customer journey. In addition, Tenet and Verv will address current and emerging brand innovation opportunities presented by the growing dominance of mobile, connected products and the IoT (Internet of Things).

For nearly 20 years, the Verv Innovation team has redefined how to create and deliver successful innovations for products that are used in homes and workplaces. By bringing consumers and clients closer to the design process, from initial insights to concept development and refinement, the firm has helped deliver breakout product innovations for 3M, Abbott, Brita, Calphalon, Colgate-Palmolive, GM, Kraft Foods, LG Electronics and Thermos.

“In today’s digitally driven market, brand innovation success relies on the ability of teams to fuse customer insights, business strategy, design and digital transformation capabilities,” said Hampton Bridwell, CEO of Tenet Partners. “Adding specialists in product design and innovation to our strategy and digital talent is very exciting. This opportunity gives us the ability to turn business strategy into brand innovations that become the products and services that drive revenue growth for our clients.”

The partnership is a strong strategic fit adding new capabilities.

  • Co-Magination℠: Verv brings an agile design and consumer-insight methodology called Co-Magination. This powerful design method yields new innovations in shorter development cycles needed in fast-moving markets. Co-Magination is a methodology comprised of proven tools that put all project stakeholders hip-to-hip with Verv’s design innovators to capture and translate fresh insights that inspire real-time concepts and unrecognized opportunities. Coupled with Tenet brand strategy, digital tools and data analytics capabilities, Co-Magination will be a valuable tool in delivering innovations for clients.

  • Brand Innovation Lab: Tenet will immediately launch the Tenet Brand Innovation Lab, in NYC, to enable clients’ easy access to a dynamic creative environment in the heart of Chelsea, home to New York City’s largest start-up community. The Lab will be a unique space to fuel collaboration between researchers, strategists, industrial designers and digital specialists along with emerging technologies that are forming the connected customer experience.

“Verv Innovation has emerged as a leader in the evolution of design thinking and co-creation,” said David Demar, Principal of Verv Innovation. “Because of our extensive experience in building co-creation techniques, we are most capable of creating the next-generation of collaborative innovation. Our unique approach infuses design innovation with creative energy throughout our process, from insight to innovation.”

“There has never been a better time to unite world-class brand and product development expertise to define the next generation of customer experience. We’re excited about this next step with Tenet Partners and particularly the opportunity to make our proven techniques, including our novel Co-Magination process, a reality for companies seeking to accelerate growth and value for consumers” said Ken Miller, Principal of Verv Innovation.

“By combining this with our global expertise in business strategy, brand design and digital, we can now create and connect the customer experience in all channels,” added Bridwell.

Verv principals Ken Miller and David Demar, will be become Partners at Tenet and will report to Russ Napolitano, Tenet’s Chief Operating Officer. Verv Innovation will retain its name and expand into Tenet’s New York City and Santa Monica offices to serve existing clients and establish new relationships as part of Tenet Partners.

About Tenet Partners

Tenet Partners is a brand innovation firm that transforms organizations through a fusion of research, strategy, design and technology. Our mission is to help companies create brand value and unlock real-time solutions and possibilities in today’s digital, customer-driven world.

About Verv innovation

Verv Innovation is an integrated product design and innovation firm. For nearly 20 years, Verv has optimized the pathway from inspiration to innovation, delivering new products and experiences that people love and value. Our unique blend of agile design philosophy and patented tools, such as Co-Magination℠, brings customers deep into the design and development process enabling us to development breakthrough products and services. As a full-service firm, our capabilities include consumer insight, design strategy, concept development and industrial design. The holistic integration of these disciplines, and the proprietary tools that link them, serve as the basis for solutions that are visualized in form and function, creating high-impact opportunities for many of the world’s most prominent brands.

For more information, please contact:

Russ Napolitano
Chief Operating Officer
Tenet Partners
+ 1 212 329-3035

Headquarters 11 West 42nd Street
Penthouse Floors 31/32
New York, NY 10036
212 329-3030

Kansas City
San Francisco

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