Tenet Partners Unveils 2017 Top 100 Most Powerful Brands Report with New Innovation Rankings

New York, NY (September 07, 2017) – Tenet Partners today released its 2017 Top 100 Most Powerful Brands report, which ranks the strongest brands in retail, food, tech, automotive and financial services. The companies that make our list have captured high awareness and positive brand perception in the marketplace.

The data used to create the report is from our CoreBrand® Index — an objective, quantitative benchmark study and the only methodology validated by the Marketing Accountability Standards Board (MASB). We use quantitative research from 10,000 consumers and business decision makers to measure brand awareness (Familiarity) and perception (Favorability) for each company in our index, which is then combined to calculate a company’s brand strength, or, as we call it — “BrandPower.” Objective measurements of these metrics often provide meaningful indicators of a company’s management effectiveness, and therefore financial performance.

A new attribute was introduced this year. Survey respondents were asked to judge companies based on what they perceived as a culture of innovation. This Innovation metric was applied to 160 companies across all industries for which data exists going back to the beginning of the CoreBrand Index over 25 years ago.

“The innovation attribute is already yielding several new insights to the body of knowledge about how intangible assets create value,” said Jim Gregory, Chairman at Tenet Partners.

Increasingly, companies that succeed in disrupting their industry are seen as innovators, especially in areas that go beyond product development, such as service delivery and customer experience.

Most Innovative Food Brands of 2017

  • Hershey #9
  • General Mills #12
  • Campbell Soup #17
  • Tyson Foods #40

Innovation plays a pivotal role in the strength of a company’s brand. This is important because companies need innovation to sustain competitive advantage and long term performance. Therefore, a culture of innovation that permeates the organization is a key factor driving brand success and creating solid brand equity.

Brands no longer fit into neat boxes. Strong brands boldly branch into new industries — blurring the boundaries of competition and consistently raising the bar for customer experience and product or service innovation. Companies that are nimble on their feet to the changes in the marketplace and consumer expectations stay relevant longer, enjoy higher brand allegiance, and build consistent growth.

In Tenet Partners’ 2017 Top 100 Most Powerful Brands, Retail is the most represented industry which saw online sales soar to new heights in 2016 despite critics and analysts predicting the doom of the industry.

Most Powerful Retail Brands of 2017

  • Barnes & Noble #36
  • Walmart #47
  • Target #50
  • Lowe’s #54
  • Home Depot #56

Technology continues to experience explosive growth, led by Apple which has been rising in BrandPower over the past five years.

Most Powerful Technology Brands of 2017

  • Apple #4
  • Microsoft #6
  • Google #9
  • IBM #18 *Yahoo #21

To download the full report for a comprehensive look at this year’s findings, including sector trends and analysis of the Top 100 brands, visit our website. To join the conversation on social media, use the hashtag #MPB100.

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