Driving Value for Brands: Tenet Partners Relaunches Cloud-Based Digital Asset Management Solution

New York, NY (August 09, 2017) – Tenet Partners today relaunched Brand Ensemble, its leading brand asset management (BAM) and digital asset management (DAM) platform. The re-engineered, cloud-based offering brings together a comprehensive set of capabilities to enable digital transformation for brand managers at large enterprises.

For more than 20 years, large brands such as Xerox, Amgen, Conduent, Travelers, and CFA Institute have trusted Tenet’s innovative software and client-centered approach to create a stronger more consistent brand.

Now, increasingly complex channels, partner relationships, marketing systems and global operations have created new challenges for those responsible for managing brand assets. Brand Ensemble addresses these issues in a single platform that unifies eight solutions brand managers need to succeed in today’s fast moving environments.

Brand Ensemble’s core features include:

  • Brand portal
  • Digital asset management
  • Photo library
  • Logo selector
  • Approval workflow
  • Brand audit
  • Ad builder
  • Access control

In a dynamic, digital world, companies need a DAM to manage the deluge of digital assets they generate to scale their marketing strategies. From strategy to launch, Tenet Partners provides an end-to-end solution that helps companies to build, secure, and utilize a central library for all their digital assets including guidelines for their use.

Tenet has long championed robust, simple digital asset management as a tool for enhancing brand value, and was a pioneer in the space. “Our first implementation of an enterprise BAM/DAM system was for Texaco in 1999. We were the first company to implement a global, multi-language, digital brand management platform for a major US corporation,” said Larry Roth, Senior Partner at Tenet Partners. “An ‘ease of use’ philosophy that tailors content based on user profiles was a hallmark of the Texaco implementation. Improving usability was instrumental in transforming brand management at Texaco and remains a guiding principle.”

In building and maintaining a strong brand image, consistency and strict adherence to guidelines is fundamental to the maintenance of brand value. Large organizations with brands to match must supply guidelines, education, tools, and training to secure and grow their brand’s impact in the marketplace. Instead of ad hoc distribution of PDFs via Dropbox or Google Drive, Brand Ensemble provides a complete platform tailor-made for a company’s brand management workflows. As a result, marketing and creative teams have ready access to the assets, up-to-date guidance and approval tools they need to consistently produce on-brand work.

The solution readily scales to accommodate complex enterprise needs. Brand Ensemble’s largest implementation had over 70,000 pages and 20 million monthly page views. Currently, over 200,000 people in more than 50 countries and communicating in six different languages rely on Brand Ensemble daily.

“Brand Ensemble is engineered to deliver, on a global scale, a robust core of capabilities that are customized to the specific business processes and control systems of a company,” said Hampton Bridwell, CEO at Tenet Partners. “We do not believe in the one-size-fits-all approach. In our experience, customizing the solution for the individual client delivers much better return on investment, and this is borne out in the marketplace. Many of our customers today have abandoned systems from our competitors in favor of a Brand Ensemble implementation from Tenet Partners.”

About Brand Ensemble

Brand Ensemble is an innovation developed by Tenet Partners, a 100% employee owned firm based in New York City. At Tenet, we believe companies need a new set of principles to grow business in a digital world. Respecting collaborations with thinkers and doers, distilling value from analytics, and making meaningful connections with employees and clients — these are convictions that put customers at the center of your brand and business strategies.

For more information, please contact:

Jessica McHie
Business Development and Marketing
Tenet Partners
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