What we do

We build powerful brands with a clear vision of the future for businesses and customers. We create digital experiences that are both intuitive and rewarding. Through collaborative innovation, we spark solutions for imaginative products and services that delight customers.


    Craft a vision and growth strategy

    Capturing the potential power of your brand to drive economic value takes an eye towards the future. It means developing a rigorous strategy that places a priority on growth. It demands you establish a competitive advantage to build an enduring positioning. And it sets the stage for mobilizing your organization to reach your goals. The following cases exemplify growth strategies for successful mergers, market expansions and acquisitions.


    Accelerate digital transformation

    To determine the best digital strategy for your company, take a holistic view of your business goals. Build new digital capabilities and innovative user interactions that create experiences your customers will enjoy and remember. Each of the cases highlights ways digital transformation had a positive impact on company performance.


    Innovate new products and services

    Re-imagining new products and services through brand-driven innovation delivers greater value across the customer journey. Our approach uses Co-Magination®, a unique process that brings customers and your teams closer to strategy and design development. The results produce breakthroughs quickly, giving customers what they desire before the competition. These cases show how work for LG Electronics, Thermos, and Kraft Heinz created leadership positions and transformed customers’ brand perceptions.


    Design, manage and protect your brand

    Rooted in your brand platform, the visual expression of your brand communicates what you stand for through color, shape and imagery. Through rigorous design exploration, we develop a complete identity system that captures the essence of a brand from a logo to typography, imagery to design templates. Visual guidelines and digital management systems insure that design systems are easy to use while protecting the application of your brand across all forms of media. Our Brand Ensemble platform allows you to share and grow your brand guidelines, worldwide, in multiple languages.


    Engage in cultural shifts that drive change

    Whether your company sells a service, a product or a process, your organization can drive deeper engagement with employees by aligning your brand with individual behaviors. Strengthening your values and beliefs embodied in your brand shape your culture. And that ultimately results in increased brand value. Each of these cases depicts engagement strategies that aligned employees more deeply with their brand.


    Measure the health of your brand

    Building a strong brand that drives sustainable business success requires a clear understanding of who your target audience is, what their needs and motivations are, the associations attached to your brand and an assessment of the experiences you create. Tenet research and analytics help inform brand development and ensures that you stay on track. The following highlight how Tenet keeps a finger on the pulse and health of your brand.



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