David Demar

David Demar

Partner, Innovation Strategy and Design

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For more than 25 years in the product and package innovation consulting business and another five on the client side, I have managed to retain my childhood curiosity for how things work, how they are made and what drives how they look and feel.

After growing up overseas, then returning to the US for college at Tufts, it wasn’t until graduate school at IIT in Chicago that I discovered industrial design as a discipline. That epiphany moment on my career path has allowed me to invent for many of the top CPG and product manufacturers around the world. The benefits have been many, including numerous design awards, utility and design patents, among others. But nothing is as satisfying as interacting with consumers to surface a need and then creating something new, useful and beautiful to make their lives better.

Working with a diverse group of clients over the years including GM, Merck, GE, Colgate-Palmolive, Kraft, LG and Purdue, to name a few, provides the inevitable, unique and valuable opportunity to cross-pollinate insights, tools and methodologies from one engagement to the next. Collaborating with the gifted team of experienced and talented researchers, strategists and designers makes this journey all the more fulfilling, and the curious kid in me hungry for the next challenge.

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