The Top 100 Most Powerful Brands of 2015

Top 100 Most Powerful Brands of 2015

Each year, Tenet Partners analyzes the data in the CoreBrand® Index (CBI) to determine the Top 100 Most Powerful Brands based on high awareness and positive brand perceptions. 2015 marks the eighth year of the report. For a comprehensive look at this year’s findings, including sector trends and analysis, download the full report.

BrandPower + Brand Equity Valuation = Deeper Insight

BrandPower and Brand Equity Valuation: Complementary metrics

The corporate brand is one of a company’s most precious assets. It can be one of the greatest levers in building brand value. Beyond just building name recognition and reputation, a powerful brand is an accelerator – of growth, influence, and innovation. A powerful brand not only drives economic value, but also serves as the glue between a company’s actual business strategy and the ways in which it wins the minds and hearts of consumers. It is this power that the brand holds that ultimately determines whether people will buy its products and invest in the company.

BrandPower is a unique and useful quantitative measure of brand strength. It is, however, just one way of looking at brand performance. The more traditional view of a brand’s monetary value also has its place. When both are considered, it is possible to get a more complete, contextual view of a brand. We collect BrandPower data on such a large scale that it can produce information comparable to other key financial fundamentals. This solid foundation of data allows us to accurately generate a variety of useful metrics, such as Brand Equity Valuation and Communications Return-on-Investment.

BrandPower, through its Familiarity and Favorability metrics, enables prescriptive analysis of the brand for diagnostic purposes. This allows executives to assess strengths and weaknesses of the brand and identify where greater attention is needed. This information helps our clients to manage communications to enhance brand performance.

Brand Equity Valuation is the output of CoreBrand Analytics’ market value model. This unique valuation approach uses BrandPower in the context of the company’s financial statistics to determine how much of the company’s market capitalization can be assigned directly to the brand – typically 5 to 7 percent.

CoreBrand Analytics Brand Equity Valuation produces two numbers: percentage of market capitalization attributable to the brand and the corresponding dollar value.

  • Percentage tells the people responsible for building the brand how hard that brand is working to build value for the company. As this measure rises and falls, the brand becomes more or less of a contributor to a company’s success. This is an ideal number for a company’s KPI dashboard and a measure of brand performance in the context of overall financial health.
  • Dollar value helps communicate the brand’s asset value to senior leadership and other constituencies, ensuring that the brand is properly accounted for in M&A activity, royalty and licensing cases and other reporting vehicles.

Used in conjunction, Brand Equity Valuation and BrandPower help brand managers and senior executives identify the monetary contribution of the brand and uncover prescriptive insights to unlock its full potential.

This knowledge allows Tenet Partners to bring our full analytic and brand strategy resources to bear. With a complete picture of BrandPower and Brand Equity Valuation, we can predict valuation growth, model ROI, and inform strategic decision-making for our clients.

For more information on how we determine BrandPower and Brand Equity Valuation, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

A message from our CEO and Chairman

The Way Forward

A message from our CEO and Chairman

Brands are boldly moving forward. This momentum is the strongest since the recession, thanks to significant investments in business model innovation, digital and brand. Corporate leadership is looking to deliver growth by reshaping customer experiences. Our Top 100 report shows these leaders are outpacing their peers.

The macro trends that are driving change are fairly concentrated – industry lines blurring, digital convergence, and the emergence of fast-moving disruptors. Together, these trends are altering consumer behavior, delivering new experiences and driving value through innovation. In some industries, the fast pace of change is overwhelming management teams.

To seize on the opportunity this presents, leaders are reframing the marketing function to have greater influence on operations and shape customer experience, digital transformation and design of organizational culture. Success today requires a broader, more holistic view of the customer. A human-centered philosophy can translate into a common language that unites the various disciplines of business to ensure the enterprise is future-ready for the opportunities ahead.

2015 marks the 25th anniversary of the CoreBrand® Index, a rich data set covering 1,000 companies. This represents a milestone in Tenet’s mission of enabling leaders to create value in one of the most critical assets for any organization: its brand and reputation. With eyes to the future, we see exciting times ahead for those pacesetters who successfully wrap their business strategy and brand experience around their customers’ needs and aspirations.

We hope this 8th edition of the Top 100 Most Powerful Brands provides you with valuable insights as you seek to achieve brand leadership and drive business growth.

Hampton Bridwell
CEO, Tenet Partners

James R. Gregory
Chairman, Tenet Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Key takeaways for 2015

Press Room

The Top 100 Most Powerful Brands of 2015

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Infographics & Charts

BrandPower = Business Performance
Stock performance since the indexes hit bottom in March 2009 shows that the Top 10 brands have grown at about twice the rate of the market.

The 2015 Most Powerful Brands by Brand Value

View a breakdown of the Top 100 Most Powerful Brands by Sector

All of the Top 100 brands are elite, but what can familiarity and favorability movement tell us about a brand?

The Fastest BrandPower Movers of 2015

Brand Highlights: By the Numbers

Consumer Cyclicals is the most represented sector amongst the Top 100. View the number of corporate brands represented in the sector.

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