Brand strategy

A successful brand starts with a compelling idea. One with the potential to produce real value for your organization and your stakeholders. To realize that value, we work with you to craft a powerful brand strategy that puts the customers at the center and delivers tangible results.

A great brand strategy appeals to both hearts and minds through functional and emotional benefits. It conveys a solid value proposition to every constituent, inside and outside the organization. The right strategy reinforces your brand’s promise, raises your brand equity and economic value, and drives real business performance. For over four decades, Tenet Partners has applied our proven methodology to deliver winning brand strategies for hundreds of organizations. Because our approach is grounded in fact and rooted in extensive research, we gain the knowledge to ensure that each unique brand strategy will succeed for our clients. Working in strategy teams that include business consultants, marketers, designers and technologists, we can address every element of your brand strategy.

Our strategy teams can help you:

  • Create new or refresh positioning for companies and products
  • Recast corporate mission, vision and values
  • Improve financial performance through brand portfolio optimization
  • Articulate a compelling, differentiated brand messaging framework
  • Evaluate the equities and liabilities of both the client and competing brands
  • Quantify economic value at risk when making brand decisions
  • Define aspects of competitive advantage
  • Clarify the sources of future growth in shareholder value for investors
  • Segment customer needs and value propositions
  • Identify the underpinnings of corporate brand sustainability
  • Align branded customer experiences with purchase and loyalty drivers


At its core, design is about solving problems. Whether it’s a new identity, a web site, printed collateral or a mobile experience, great design ideas rise to the top. To help our clients use design to achieve their goals, we use our award-winning skills and experience to create distinctive solutions grounded in strategic thinking.

The medium may change from project to project, but the elements of good design stem from answers to fundamental questions: What’s the objective? Who’s the audience? What are we communicating? What is the overall visual personality? At Tenet Partners, the answers to these questions point us in the right direction to enable us to design with authority, clarity and unswerving attention to detail. Over the years, we have helped companies across many industries define their visual brand with memorable logos and strong identities.

Our diverse team of designers brings multicultural insights to elevate our work above the expected. Working closely with our strategists and technologists, our passion for art, design, color, texture and typography results in lively and on-target work. We offer enhanced value with the ability to expand a narrowly focused project, delivering fully realized, integrated design solutions. Working with you, we can:

  • Develop entirely new or refresh existing corporate identity programs
  • Create a distinctive and modern logo or word mark
  • Design brand applications for all channels, including digital and environmental
  • Simplify identity standards with easy to use guidelines
  • Facilitate implementation of large branding programs to achieve consistency
  • Make forms and information systems usable and clear
  • Manage brand assets and production for global organizations


Today’s digital innovation could very well transform the future of your business. Yet, digital is the platform where you’ll have the least control and where your brand can create the most connections. Getting it right, right now, is imperative.

Mobile, social, web—the key is developing a holistic strategy that encompasses the countless ways consumers want to experience your brand. It means taking an enterprise approach across the digital universe to build successful digital platforms and ecosystems. And when you take the view of the customer, it becomes easier to understand where you should focus your digital investments.

Digital is part of our DNA. We pioneered the use of digital technology for branding on interactive media on the Internet. We’ve helped clients embrace digital by being smart, practical and agile. Every digital project we do at Tenet Partners includes researchers, experience designers, usability experts and highly-capable technologists—all relentlessly focused on creating customer experience that will fulfill your brand promise.

We can help you:

  • Form an enterprise level digital strategy, including digital marketing
  • Deliver a rewarding user experience design across platforms
  • Develop rapid service prototypes for digital solutions
  • Organize information architectures for complex websites
  • Develop responsive design websites
  • Develop applications for Web-based services
  • Create mobile and tablet interface design and development
  • Engineer brand management systems
  • Consult on marketing automation tools

Product innovation

Our goal is to inspire, visualize and design new product, service and package solutions as the next leap forward for your brand.

Design thinking engages your consumers with our designers in collaborative activities to deliver compelling, on-strategy and actionable design. Our work in durables and consumer goods encompasses 3D form and functionality as well as impactful integration of package structure and brand imagery.

Design thinking yields fresh insight and innovation with the efficiency required to meet expectations in today’s fast-moving markets. That includes:

  • Tighter integration of insight, strategy and design
  • Engaging with all stakeholders in novel, proven ways
  • Driving better decisions with thoughtful analytical tools
  • Aligning with client practices and requirements

Our work in innovation and design has led to unexpected opportunities and high-impact results for many of the world’s most prominent brands.


Enhancing ethnographic insight with real-time concept generation.
The best time to capture the “how” and “why” of consumer behavior is when they are actively engaged in authentic product usage occasions. Our consumer visits, often combined with in-store shopping events, link decision-making with usage dynamics and early stage concept generation. These preliminary concepts set the stage for later design thinking efforts and formal concept exploration.


Engaging consumers and designers in proven activities to inspire real-time concepts.
Designers, researchers and client participants come together with consumers as a team to uncover fresh opportunities and unrecognized needs to fuel preliminary concepts. Activities and exercises are customized to meet objectives for learning and inspire real-time early stage solutions.


Optimizing and integrating consumer preferences in a multi-station format.
Our Labs support a “qual / quant” approach to design evaluation, optimization and refinement that is deeper and richer than focus group screening. Multiple stimuli stations allow us to present 2D and /or 3D concept stimuli to focus consumers on key attributes. Consumer input is then captured from multiple sources, including in-depth interviews, work sheet data and optimized sketches.


Tackling a specific innovation challenge together. Fast.
design thinking studio is a one to two day engagement at our Innovation Lab facility in NYC. Maybe you’ve identified a range of new opportunities, and you’d like to work together to visualize them for evaluation. Or, you need to kick-start an effort to determine what’s next in your category. We engage our designers with your stakeholders to leverage key insights and surface potential solutions that will move your brand forward.

Experience and service design

Improving customer experiences is a proven investment and differentiator. To set your organization apart, well crafted, captivating and relevant customer experiences enable organizations to create competitive advantages and drive growth.

Focusing engagements on delighting customers unlocks the best opportunity to create experiences that become the signature of your brand. Understanding and crafting the interplay between your brand and your customers–across all channels and touchpoints–unlocks growth potential.

We start by gaining a holistic view of your specific customer journeys and how well your organization delivers on its brand promise at every step. We combine robust analysis, systems thinking and a human-centered approach to understanding the needs and emotions of customers. With that knowledge, opportunities for innovating, or for simply making basic improvements, become evident. Measuring performance is fundamental. Our financial and research analysts enable your managers to measure, prioritize, and optimize investments and build c-suite support for customer experience initiatives that drive performance.

Our capabilities will help you with:

  • Service design
  • Ethnographic and field research
  • Journey mapping and use-case explorations
  • Experience innovation workshops
  • Omni-channel experience strategy
  • Touch point redesign
  • Simplification and environmental design
  • Real-time CX measurement using TapDash
  • Return on CX investment analysis and performance tracking

Content marketing

Traditional marketing is dead. The old product-focus approach to sales is being replaced by content marketing that engages customers on their own terms. It’s communicating with specific audiences in ways that bring value, on topics that matters to them, and at a time and place that respects their needs.

Content marketing can help forge meaningful relationships with prospective customers and court them throughout their journey with your organization. By creating awareness for your company, you make yourself known as a key participant with a point of view. Being found everywhere your customers go for research keeps you visible. As a major player, you will be in the consideration set. And that makes a purchase decision easier.

Our content strategists make every touch point count with memorable and shareable information. Our writers and designers will work closely with you to understand your customers’ needs, how to engage them in valuable conversations and which channels to reach the best outcomes. Whether with thought leadership papers, infographics, social media presence, web copy, videos or blog posts, we can help you:

  • Form strategies for content design and distribution including digital marketing
  • Create Thought Leadership papers and expert marketing
  • Build connections through social media marketing
  • Share authentic stories through video and motion graphics
  • Create corporate communications and annual reports
  • Align corporate sustainability messaging and reporting
  • Articulate complex information through infographics
  • Strengthen sales with messaging playbooks

Employee Engagement

Your employees are your brand. They have the power to move your organization forward by embodying your values through their interactions with your customers and each other. Think of human capital as your biggest asset.

Your company can increase the loyalty and passion of customers for your brand by enriching the quality and richness of their engagement with your employees. Engaging with your customers starts when you engage your employees. Whether facing customers or internally with each other, if you inform and inspire your employees they can translate your company values into actions. We work collaboratively with our clients’ employees and offer the tools, communications and training to help define the branded behaviors that will get them to engaged and deliver on your brand.

Aligning your employees’ actions with your customers’ journeys further deepens your relationships. Mapping what you do best–and worst–at those critical moments will help you manage the continuity of your brand experiences for both customers and employees.

We can help you with:

  • Leadership vision and values workshops
  • Internal brand strategy alignment
  • Brand behaviors and culture assessment programs
  • Employee brand communications and training
  • Service design problem resolution workshops

Managed Services

Much of what’s involved in managing a brand is not the best use of valuable internal talent. Through Tenet Brand Assist we take on these routine—yet essential—tasks for you. That means more time available to strengthen your brand.

Managed services, in which tasks are efficiently and expertly handled by a trusted and knowledgeable outside partner, has proven itself over decades in the IT space. Tenet has taken this concept and extended it to brand management in a unique way with Brand Assist. It’s a simple idea, but revolutionary.

By combining the brand management, governance, design, and production capabilities of experienced professionals with a cloud-based technology platform, we can shift most of your day-to-day workflows to a highly cost-efficient and effective resource. It’s brand management done faster, simpler, with better quality of service, so you can improve the value you provide to your organization—and that’s a smart use of resources.

Brand Assist can help you:

  • Safeguard your brand by ensuring adherence to brand strategy and design guidance
  • Gain efficiencies throughout your organization through a resource focused on management
  • Speed creation and approval by streamlining workflows
  • Simplify project and budget management by taking on tasks from scoping to tracking and day-to-day coordination
  • Support your team by assisting with asset retrieval, project routing and “brand help desk” assistance
  • Add value to brand management by helping you plan more effectively
  • Digitally transform brand asset management through cloud-based asset repositories, performance reporting and automated processes

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