Johnson & Johnson: #6 Most Powerful Brand of 2015

Top 10 Most Powerful Brands of 2015

#6 Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson, one of the world’s largest healthcare manufacturers, dropped two places in the Most Powerful Brands rankings. For over a hundred years, the company has built a strong reputation as the maker of iconic products like Band-Aids, Baby Shampoo and Tylenol. The company is innovating in ways that may cast it in a new light, having joined forces with Google to develop a robotic-assisted surgery platform. However, J&J’s reputation has been hurt by serious questions about the quality of some products in recent years. Since 2009, J&J has recalled millions of bottles of Tylenol, Benadryl, Motrin and Zyrtec. The recalls prompted J&J to shut down a factory and have cost it more than $1 billion in lost sales.

Apple: #5 Most Powerful Brand of 2015

Top 10 Most Powerful Brands of 2015

#5 Apple

The tech giant jumped five places this year and rounds out the top five Most Powerful Brands. Both its Familiarity and Favorability scores have increased, due in large part to its innovative products and outstanding market performance. The company’s market capitalization reached a record high, breaking the $700 billion mark this last year. According to a survey of Apple analysts conducted by Fortune, the company expects to sell an estimated 22.6 million units of the Apple Watch in 2015. Apple’s new head of retail (former Burberry CEO) Angela Ahrendts favored a new approach to launching the highly anticipated wearable. In an Apple first, she encouraged customers to “get in line online” and forgo the crowds and in-store experience to purchase the Apple Watch.

Walt Disney: #4 Most Powerful Brand of 2015

Top 10 Most Powerful Brands of 2015

#4 Walt Disney

The Walt Disney Company climbed two spots this year, with a BrandPower score at its highest level since 2009, reflecting a decade of good leadership and smart brand investment. Under CEO Robert Iger, the global media giant mended its once contentious relationship with Pixar and bought the company in 2006. Other notable acquisitions made during his tenure include Marvel Entertainment in 2009, and Lucasfilm in 2012. A key part of Disney’s strategy is investing in blockbuster storylines that can be leveraged across its multiple business units. Case in the point: The box office success of Frozen, which went on to win an Oscar and become the highest grossing animated feature of all time, also helped to bring in more than $1 billion in retail revenue over the last year.

Bayer: #3 Most Powerful Brand of 2015

Top 10 Most Powerful Brands of 2015

#3 Bayer

Over the past few years, Bayer’s BrandPower score has been on the rise – having jumped eight places since 2010. That soon may change, however. While its Familiarity (degree of awareness) score has remained stable year-over-year, Bayer has experienced a steep decline in Favorability (positive perception). This is a noticeable red flag, indicating that the pharmaceutical and chemical company’s overall corporate reputation – the perception of its management, its ability to drive growth and secure earnings into the future – is not as strong as in years past.

Hershey: #2 Most Powerful Brand of 2015

Top 10 Most Powerful Brands of 2015

#2 Hershey

Strong communications investment including heavy TV advertising and a refresh to its corporate brand identity – a move Hershey claims will help strengthen its leadership position for the next 100 years – helped keep the famed candy company at #2. The maker of iconic brands such as Reese’s, Kisses, York Peppermint Patties, Twizzlers and Almond Joy also enjoys a positive market perception through efforts such as responsible ingredient sourcing and initiatives to improve the lives of cocoa farmers. The company is a regular recipient of awards and recognition for sustainability and good corporate citizenship.

Coca-Cola: #1 Most Powerful Brand of 2015

Top 10 Most Powerful Brands of 2015

#1 Coca-Cola

Tenet Partners’ #1 Most Powerful Brand since the ranking debuted in 2008. The 125 year-old Coca-Cola Company never rests on its laurels and continues to evolve around the ever-changing needs and wants of consumers. After falling 11 years in a row, Coke’s U.S. soft-drink volumes rose 2.5% last summer, thanks in part to the hit “Share a Coke” campaign that will return this year. Also, last year, the company responded to health-conscious consumers by introducing Coca-Cola Life, a reduced-calorie cola naturally sweetened with cane sugar and stevia leaf extract.

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Digital marketing

Your customers have never been more connected. Are you connecting with them?

Digital has dramatically transformed the way we communicate. It’s leveled the playing field so that your customers are as in control of your brand’s perception as you are. Rather than speaking to your audience, you now have the ability — and responsibility — to speak with them. While that may sound daunting, this revolution in communication also offers new and exciting opportunities you can capitalize on through digital marketing. Here’s how we, at Tenet, can help.


Meeting connected customers, on their own terms.

Customers don’t sit back and listen to advertising, nor are they waiting to be found. Instead, they’re on the web and social media, exercising the power of the Internet to make choices for themselves. This new order requires new ways of courting consumers and influencing their decision-making process. That’s where digital marketing, grounded in solid strategy, comes in.

At Tenet Partners, we craft strategies that strive to build an integrated approach to your digital marketing to maximize results. This strategy is born out a clear understanding of your aspiration and seeks perfect alignment between your goals and your customers’ needs. As we uncover your strengths and potential weaknesses, as well as determine where your audience lives online and off, we are able to develop a plan of action on how to engage with your customers in a way that creates value for both you and them.

  • Social media strategy
  • Data strategy
  • Mobile strategy
  • Usability testing
  • Information strategy
  • Journey mapping
  • Media planning
  • Digital audit


Building digital campaigns that drive real business outcomes.

When thinking about a digital marketing campaign, go beyond the obvious – websites, email lists, ads. Instead, think about the whole customer experience. One enriched by technology that enables you to interact with your audiences and demonstrate your keen understanding of their needs.

It’s about your customer’s journey as they go about selecting partners with the right products and services. Make sure you are by their side, at every turn on that journey.

Tenet’s multi-disciplinary team of brand strategists will start by helping you build awareness of your brand in the mind of the connected customer, using the latest technologies to find your audience at a time and place of their choosing. We leverage the power of data to create personalized messaging, tailored to the needs and wants of the connected customer. And, leaving nothing to chance, we develop the systems to measure the impact of your interactions, giving you the ability to create continuous improvements in your digital marketing campaign.

  • Websites
  • Microsites
  • Landing pages
  • Email marketing
  • Paid search
  • Social media
  • Display advertising

## Insight

Providing insight on the latest, most effective methods to market your brand.

With the rapid growth and adoption of new channels and touch points in digital marketing, it’s important to select a partner that fully understands the potential the current environment affords you.

A quick search on the web will give you hundreds of vendors who can produce an email campaign. Our approach is different. It is an on-going partnership to help you understand how these new channels, used in a strategic way, can influence your audience and build a preference and trust for your brand. And as a marketer, we know you’re looking for that extra edge.

Tenet will also provide actionable, data-based insight to justify your marketing investments and quantify results. This gives you a complete picture of your ROI, enabling you to make reasoned decisions on how to move forward in achieving your marketing goals.

  • Loyalty marketing
  • Surveys
  • Channel planning
  • Social media management
  • Online community management
  • Customer value analysis

Data Science

When you fully unlock data’s potential you can pivot from hindsight to foresight. That’s the path to exceptional brand performance, and data science is the key.

Customer and operational data is everywhere, but much of its value goes untapped. Tenet’s data science practice takes artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing and links them to interconnected analytic models.

Tenet Advanced Analytics can help you fully leverage what’s becoming your most valuable asset: information:

  • Hear the voice of your customers, predict behavior and find your best customers
  • Fast-track digital transformation and customer experience innovation
  • Connect marketing to financial outcomes
  • Make prescriptive, data-driven decisions to accelerate business performance
  • Predict the business outcome of marketing decisions and brand investments for better ROI
  • Gain rapid insight from existing data, scaling over time to build stronger capabilities


Effective brand development begins with a deeper understanding of how your brand is perceived and how it performs. Knowing how perceptions align with your company’s goals, culture and communications, along with drivers of customer choice, is critical to building your optimal brand strategy.

Wise brand management requires ongoing measurement and tracking of progress. Along with our internal research department and CoreBrand® Analytics, we are a pioneer in corporate brand research, assessment and valuation. Our recommendations spring from a deep-rooted belief that a brand is an organizational asset that can be measured and managed. Knowing both the macro and micro drivers of customer behavior creates clarity to help you measure just how much your brand contributes to the bottom, and top line. We use data from our Corporate Branding Index® with its 25 years of brand image and financial performance data on 1,000 companies to gain rapid insights into your brand and industry. And we can also field custom research to build the right program to meet your objectives. Research and analytics solutions we provide include:

  • Fact-based decision making through qualitative and quantitative research
  • Generating insights for innovation through customer ethnographies
  • Customer experience and omnichannel analysis
  • Uncovering key attributes that help drive purchase
  • Identifying positioning opportunities to lead to competitive advantage
  • Measuring the impact value of your customer journey

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