Experience and service design

Improving customer experiences is a proven investment and differentiator. To set your organization apart, well crafted, captivating and relevant customer experiences enable organizations to create competitive advantages and drive growth.

Focusing engagements on delighting customers unlocks the best opportunity to create experiences that become the signature of your brand. Understanding and crafting the interplay between your brand and your customers–across all channels and touchpoints–unlocks growth potential.

We start by gaining a holistic view of your specific customer journeys and how well your organization delivers on its brand promise at every step. We combine robust analysis, systems thinking and a human-centered approach to understanding the needs and emotions of customers. With that knowledge, opportunities for innovating, or for simply making basic improvements, become evident. Measuring performance is fundamental. Our financial and research analysts enable your managers to measure, prioritize, and optimize investments and build c-suite support for customer experience initiatives that drive performance.

Our capabilities will help you with:

  • Service design
  • Ethnographic and field research
  • Journey mapping and use-case explorations
  • Experience innovation workshops
  • Omni-channel experience strategy
  • Touch point redesign
  • Simplification and environmental design
  • Real-time CX measurement using TapDash
  • Return on CX investment analysis and performance tracking

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