Return on Communications Investment

Measure and optimize your media spend

Are your brand investments delivering the hard financial results that stakeholders expect? Your leadership depends on you to develop a business case that your colleagues can believe in. For CMOs, the need for consistent measurement has never been greater.

Our analysis enables your management team to answer key questions around both marketing spend effectiveness and media efficiency. You can harness the power of precise data to build a consistent measurement program, benchmarking against leaders in your sector and companies competing for your audience.

Measuring marketing spend effectiveness

To foster a deep understanding of return on paid-media, our analysis ties brand investments to hard financial metrics, including your brand’s monetary contribution as a percentage of market capitalization. These same metrics allow you to measure and prove returns over time – vital insight that keeps your business strategy on course.

Predicting outcomes

Our Return On Communications Investment (ROCI) analysis offers a wealth of actionable information. How much you need to spend to achieve a breakthrough in brand value and financial results. What spend level is too little, generating a negative return. And finally, the vitally important point of diminishing returns.

How ROCI analysis supports decisions: marketing spend effectiveness

A ROCI analysis can answer key questions to inform your next spending decision, such as:

  • How will a change in paid-media spend impact Brand Equity Valuation? By how much?
  • How will a shift in investment impact long-term brand health and financial performance?
  • When should you expect to see the impact of brand investments?
  • How big a budget do you need to provide a breakthrough in financial performance? What is optimal paid-media budget to maximize financial returns? Is your budget so small that it will create a negative return?
  • What is the impact of competitor spending on their brand value and financial performance? Based on competitors’ current levels, what risks do you face regarding your brand health?
  • Is creative content moving the needle?

MediaPower Index: assessing media spend efficiency

Our MediaPower Index provides an independent benchmark for quantifying the dollar amount of paid media each company spends to achieve a specific brand health target.

Measuring media dollars spend to achieve a BrandPower target

We can help you identify the right target, and measure efficiency performance over time:

  • Are you spending more or less than competitors competing for your audience’s attention? How much do you have to invest to rise above the noise and meet your brand health target?
  • Is your cost to achieve your brand health target increasing over time? Or is it going down, opening up an ideal window to spend for greatest efficiency?
  • Is there an opportunity to drown out competitors, if your cost for share of voice is much lower than theirs?
  • Where is the sweet spot for spending in your industry? How much is just right?

Return on Communications Investment in action

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