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Today’s CMOs are increasingly being asked to defend their brand investments.

They face tough questions that proven methods and tools from Corporate Branding Analytics can help to answer:

  • What is the optimal level of spend to drive financial performance? Where can you expect to move the needle and drive the greatest return? What is too little spending? Where is the return negative?
  • When can you expect to show financial returns on communications investments?
  • How efficient is your current spend in achieving brand performance targets? Are you spending more or less than competitors to achieve brand performance targets?

To make a strong business case, you need to be able to answer these questions in a clear and actionable way. That takes the right data to tie your actions to financial value. This will give you access to resources necessary to invest in your brand at the right level.

This goes beyond brand valuation. You require a deeper, multi-dimensional view of brand strength, and the power of your media spending in driving business outcomes.

That’s what Corporate Branding Analytics offers, through a suite of powerful tools that enables you to measure and optimize your brand. Since 1990, we’ve set the standard for reliable, historical data and insights that help you predict future outcomes with confidence.

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