Improving C-Suite Decisions Tapping the Power of CoreBrand Analytics

May 27, 2015

Since 1990, Tenet Partners℠ CoreBrand Analytics has set the standard for reliable corporate reputation data and insight. 2015 marks the 25th anniversary of Tenet Partners CoreBrand® Index, a rich data set based on rigorous research conducted annually among 10,000 Opinion Elites. This landmark study on corporate reputation assesses the health and trajectory of 1,000 companies across nearly 50 industries.

Tapping insights from this unique body of work, Tenet Partners recently released its annual study examining 2015’s Top 100 Most Powerful Brands. Beyond a mere ranking that highlights the biggest risers and steepest decliners, this study sheds valuable light on emerging macro trends that impact the corporate brand — one of a companies most precious assets. We uncover how some of 2015’s Most Powerful Brands embrace innovation, collaboration and customer experience to drive success.

Tenet Partners has built its CoreBrand Analytics practice to empower the C-Suite with quantitative information and measurement tools needed to understand their brand’s performance, the competitive environment they operate in and prescriptive guidance to drive success.

Here are 5 important and actionable reasons why Tenet’s CoreBrand Analytics can help your C-Suite improve its decision-making:

With custom insight drawn from our CoreBrand Analytics ROI model, questions about brand-building change from whether to invest to how much. Companies that understand the importance and value of investments can strategically build customer-centric experiences with confidence.

By measuring the impact of brand building, leadership can evaluate the quality of overall brand management without depending on biased opinion or personal perspective. Measurement and metrics add science to the art of creative brand building. Results of CoreBrand Analytics allow marketers to quantitatively track performance of initiatives, course correct as necessary and report progress to the C-suite with hard evidence.

Having a quantitative, enterprise-wide measure of impact means that leadership can be evaluated on their stewardship and management of the brand asset over the long term. Metrics are often incorporated into corporate scorecards and can factor into performance assessment and rewards systems.

Because the results of brand management can be tracked in detail over time, it is possible to thoroughly analyze the effort. This enables senior managers to work together for the optimum total return on investment, throughout the entire company.

Understanding the components of brand value gives dimension to the upside potential to advance a business, not only through geographical growth but also through product innovation, service development and strategic alliances.

I welcome the opportunity to start a conversation about how Tenet can put CoreBrand Analytics to work for your organization, please reach out to me at

Download Tenet Partners 2015 Top 100 Most Powerful Brands report.

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