Cultivating a new brand experience

How Paramount Citrus sweetened its appeal in the marketplace

Paramount Citrus is North America’s largest grower, packer and distributor of oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruit. For years, Paramount was the largest member of the Sunkist marketing cooperative. Their contribution to the food chain went unrecognized as the produce from their orchards went to market under the Sunkist label.

In 2006, Paramount left the cooperative to market its citrus under its own brand. For the move to be a success and the company to be able to capitalize on growth opportunities, it was important that Paramount be seen as making a clean break from Sunkist and carve out its own distinct niche.

Bringing the sunshine in

Having previously operated “under the radar,” the company now had to make a memorable first impression to grab the attention of retailers and consumers. Paramount reached out to the LA office of Tenet Partners and our team of design strategists. This collaboration gave birth to a logo that brings together everything positive associated with citrus: freshness, the outdoors and the sun.

To complement the new logo, Tenet injected humor and humanity into the design of the launch packaging. Consumers were treated to portraits of Paramount employees enjoying and reacting to the flavor of the citrus (sweet oranges, tart lemons). This established a clear and genuine link to the consumer experience.

Strengthening the ties that bind

Tenet’s designers gave Paramount a new graphic language with which to create continuity across the company’s full line of products. The system could be extended to everything from “fancy fruit” labels, to “choice” citrus, to redesigned export packaging for product lines that have been around for decades.

Today, Paramount Citrus can be found across the world, as the company continues to grow and make its way to more and more retailers and homes.

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