From Insight to Innovation: Solutions to Key Challenges in Brand Transformation

How does a company pave a successful path to brand transformation despite risks along the way? The answer to that question can mean the difference between brand relevance and obscurity. Tenet Partners and AMA New York teamed up for a special online presentation about how to solve the key challenges in brand transformation.

In this presentation, Ken Miller, Partner, Innovation Strategy & Design, and David Demar, Partner, Innovation Strategy & Design tackle the four key pivot points in brand transformation. These include:

  • capturing valid insight
  • devising a focused strategy
  • optimizing concept development
  • moving the best ideas forward

With the help of real project examples, learn the simple tools you can use to make better decisions that will ensure better outcomes.

What We Cover:

  • How to leverage customers in ways they can best contribute and avoid letting them lead you astray.
  • How to develop a coherent design strategy that builds consensus and focuses creative energy with greater impact and fewer bullet points.
  • How to approach concept exploration to avoid “ideation frustration” in quality, freshness and breadth.
  • How to identify and refine the most promising concepts without rigid criteria that leaves great ideas behind.

Watch the video and download the presentation slides to gain key insights from our team on how to achieve better results in innovation.

Brand Culture at the Intersection of Brand and HR

What differentiates a company from its competitors? It is a promise like no other. That is what lies at the heart of a brand. It is the culmination of distinct experiences delivered to customers, employees, and stakeholders. But, a path must be paved where mission, brand, and culture converge to create that unique experience. HR is the key to paving that path. Perhaps, the first thought that pops to mind when you hear this, “What does branding have to do with me? Isn’t that the marketing team’s responsibility?”

We discovered there are many factors that influence brand culture and HR plays a role in translating those customer promises into employee behaviors. How? Learn the answer and other critical insights from our survey on building brand culture, presented by Larry Oakner, Senior Partner, Employee & Customer Engagement, and Rebecca Longman, former Director, Engagement & Strategy. Watch the video and download the presentation slides for an inside look at our survey results. Also, listen to the discussion on Blog Talk Radio.

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