Broadview Federal Credit Union 

Meeting people where they are, and where they’re going


When two credit unions joined forces, the new organization saw a valuable opportunity to enhance its position in the financial services market by creating a bold, customer-focused brand rooted in the legacy companies’ collective ethos of service to individuals and communities.


When the State Employees Federal Credit Union (SEFCU) and the Capital Communications Federal Credit Union (CAP COM) merged in 2022, they created the New York capital region’s largest financial institution at more than $8 billion in assets and hundreds of thousands of members. 

There was strong synergy between SEFCU and CAP COM: both were mission-driven organizations with similar cultures and strengths. It was clear from the outset, however, that neither of the existing brands would serve the new organization. The names—both legacies of their original scopes—no longer fully described their membership: SEFCU’s members include employees of businesses, students and employees of educational institutions and hundreds of other organizations in addition to the state employees that gave the organization its name. CAP COM had undergone similar growth. 


Tenet’s brand strategy team used internal and external interviews, competitive market research, AI tools to uncover what would become the foundation of the new institution’s brand platform: its shared values and strategic direction. 

The team uncovered a strong emphasis on customer success and fair play in keeping with the traditional values of credit unions. These institutions are unique: as organizations created to benefit their members and communities directly rather than serve shareholders, credit unions have different motivations and competitive advantages compared to ordinary banks. For SEFCU and CAP COM, this ethos of putting members’ interests ahead of their own was on display at every level, from service to interest rates. 

The organization’s leadership recognized the need to look ahead—especially when it comes to technology—and made this a key part of its business strategy. Younger members in particular are tech-savvy and value the convenience of digital banking, while others prefer the human contact and relationships that come from visiting branches in person. 

This combination of mission-driven culture, fairness, giving, future-focused high-touch service and anticipating what’s to come came together in a new brand promise: “Meeting people where they are and where they’re going.” The promise captures the credit union’s value proposition: its dedication to understanding the needs of its members and helping them achieve financial success, its community involvement and an optimistic focus on the future. 

These same themes also resonated strongly with the new Broadview name that had been created by Lexicon. Broadview reflects the credit union’s approach and focus—a far-reaching and inclusive view of how it can better serve its employees, members and communities. The visual identity built on that, symbolizing the multiple layers of an individual’s or business’ financial life, with Broadview at the center of it. The visual system balanced humanity with refreshing simplicity and engaging storytelling devices to create a new level of modernity and engagement. 

External and employee messaging was developed around the ideas of banking for the future, a dedication to serving people, impact for the good of all, and shared strength. These ideas are reflected in the human-centric visual brand, which makes extensive use of people. They also are at the heart of employee engagement, helping to ensure that the essence of what makes Broadview unique is carried forward. 

As a high-profile consumer brand with hundreds of thousands of members watching, execution of the brand rollout was critical. Tenet worked hand-in-hand with the Broadview team and external vendors to ensure that all went smoothly, from branch signage to adaptation of web copy to major public-facing branding opportunities such as the arena that is home to the University of Albany sports teams. 


Thanks to smart business decisions and the foresight to make the most of the merger that created it through strategic brand transformation, Broadview has set the stage for long-term growth and is now positioned to become a major force in the New York capital region financial services market. 

Atlanticus Holdings


Atlanticus fills an important niche in financial services by serving people who have been held back by their credit scores, and who find that most of the solutions they can obtain don’t serve their needs. The company was seeking to grow by introducing the Imagine® Visa® targeted at a new, younger demographic and needed a brand that would stand out and draw attention.

Atlanticus needed to appeal to a young, tech-savvy audience by clearly distinguishing the Imagine® Visa® brand from competitors with similar offerings. In a marketplace where it can be very difficult to differentiate based on product features, this was a significant challenge.

The brand also had to complement Atlanticus’ existing offerings while being flexible and adaptable, to enable Atlanticus to offer other Imagine® financial services in the future.

The client highlighted the importance of Tenet’s ability to get up to speed quickly. “The team’s attention to detail and industry knowledge were valuable to us. We didn’t have to educate them on how the market works and what we do – they already had an appreciation for how our niche worked within the financial services space.”

Tenet’s research uncovered opportunities to set Imagine® apart by expressing forward-looking optimism and empowerment, with a strong, youthful identity that connects with the life journeys of those looking to make a fresh start and build for the future.

Crucially, the team recognized that the brand must rely heavily on personality and visuals. While Atlanticus had important advantages including a strong technology platform, an extended financial services ecosystem and the ability to encourage credit-building behavior through incentives, these were not enough on their own.

The brand personality and positioning were based on attributes rooted in humanity and the aspirations of Imagine® cardholders: responsible, caring, confident and fresh. Imagine® is positioned as an empowering stepping stone to financial wellness that is more than access to affordable credit.

The visual expression employs a wide, panoramic viewpoint that suggests a connection to the customer’s whole life, using kaleidoscopic shapes, a full color spectrum and photography that is more expansive and vibrant than competitors. The instantly recognizable angled, interleaved graphic shapes provide flexibility and scalability while creating a strong link to the brand.

Imagine® Visa® launched in early 2023 with a direct marketing campaign, a website – – and the Imagine Financial Center app. The strength and uniqueness of the visual identity is immediately apparent when users see it – something truly different in the financial services industry.

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