A new approach to direct investing for ultra high net worth families

NuOrion Partners brings intellect and style to wealth creation and preservation

For the world’s wealthiest families, finance has a distinct character. Preserving financial assets for future generations is a central concern. That takes smart, forward-looking investment decisions and access to creative investment opportunities.

It is this highly specialized market that NuOrion Partners was created to serve. The enterprise has a unique vision: to empower families to make direct investments into deeply undervalued companies in partnership with existing or new management teams and best-in-class specialized investment firms.

The firm stands apart from both “private banking” and “alternative investment funds” as it creates opportunities specifically designed for wealthy families. It also offers simplicity, guidance and education – enabling clients to chart their own destiny by tapping into world-class expertise.

The firm’s management knew that, in order to attract this select group of investors, the company would have to blend its strong and differentiated investment approach with a distinctive brand. That was the challenge the company brought to Tenet Partners.

A full strategic exploration was made to reveal the unique nature of the firm and the value it brings to its clients. As part of the engagement, Tenet explored many potential names to attract attention to the new brand. The firm selected NuOrion Partners, alluding to the bright and distinctive Orion constellation.

For those seeking a refined service experience

For NuOrion’s customers, the right level of service, delivered the right way, is an important part of the overall relationship. These clients value sophistication, recognize true expertise and appreciate refined simplicity. How do you capture the essence of this world? NuOrion and Tenet worked together to map out the customer journey and create a unique experience at every stage.

By taking this client-centered approach, the team quickly concluded that the NuOrion brand had to reflect high-touch luxury and a discerning lifestyle, as well as finance. At the same time, the brand expression had to highlight the actionable financial vision NuOrion’s clients are looking for.

Tenet’s design team found inspiration in art, architecture, fashion and luxury goods to bring the NuOrion brand to life. This vibrant expression balances classic elegance with post-modern simplicity. The message is clear: NuOrion is an integral part of their clients’ world and understands the things they value.

Giving clients financial clarity and control

Ultra-high net-worth families place the utmost importance on finding and making smart investments to ensure the wealth of future generations. To that end, it was imperative that NuOrion leverage its website to offer more control and insight, placing clients at the center of their own wealth creation and preservation.

Tenet digital strategists created a set of portfolio modeling tools unlike anything in the industry. Using a simple, interactive interface, clients can quickly assess the impact of different investment strategies. Not only on the family’s overall holdings, but those of each family member. Thanks to clear and actionable information, clients can navigate the complexities of finance, enabling those responsible for the stewardship of wealth to make the right decisions.

With its new brand and online tools, NuOrion has achieved an enviable position. By understanding the goals and priorities of its clients, it has bridged the worlds of luxury and finance to become an integral part of their lives.

Headquarters 11 West 42nd Street
Penthouse Floors 31/32
New York, NY 10036
212 329-3030

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