Getting ahead of the energy boom

How Matrix Service Company assumed the leadership to drive stellar growth

Every day, millions of us see vitally important things to which we seldom give a second thought – storage tanks, power plants, refineries, industrial plants, mining operations. Enormous investments are being made in these critical parts of North America’s infrastructure. This is reshaping the entire U.S. energy sector and having a profound effect on the economy, all adding up to creating enormous opportunity for those positioned to take advantage.

Planning for powerful growth

When this mid-sized construction and servicing firm brought in a new CEO, the die was cast: Matrix would pursue an aggressive growth strategy, aiming to double the business over five years. Timing couldn’t have been better for this new strategic vision, coinciding with the beginning of the energy boom that’s made the United States one of the world’s leading producers of oil and natural gas.

The company’s leadership saw opportunity in cross-selling among its diverse businesses, acquiring new customers and making strategic acquisitions. But Matrix knew it would have to change the way it goes to market if it was to take share from larger, more entrenched competitors and attract the new talent needed to achieve its goals. Tenet Partners was tapped to help Matrix transform its vision into reality.

Matrix owns numerous businesses across North America that serve a wide array of customers – diverse businesses, diverse market needs, and diverse workforce, both unionized and non-union (or “merit”) labor. With its origins in the oil and gas industry and aboveground storage tanks, the company, over time, branched out into areas as diverse as engineering services, utilities, industrial infrastructure and mining. The result was a portfolio of strong and proud, but separate, brands.

A unified, yet diverse, enterprise

Tenet Partners, utilizing our integrated approach to brand development, quickly created a strategic brand platform that highlighted the strengths shared by all Matrix businesses: outstanding client relationship management, a strong culture of safety, quality of service and the flexibility that comes from being “right-sized” for its clients.

The other side of the strategic coin was a consolidated brand architecture that simplified and unified the company, without diluting the distinct value of its separate businesses. Tenet strategists found a way to communicate Matrix’s ability to serve both union and merit markets across the continent, retain existing brand equity and elevate its high-quality engineering competencies.

Putting people at the center of the strategy

Tenet’s team of strategists, content marketers, designers and digital experts came together to guide the Matrix brand expression in a new direction.

The team encouraged Matrix leaders to embrace a bold new visual and verbal language, crafted to highlight Matrix strengths. The dated logo was replaced with a strong, stylized mark that unifies the brand, while using color to differentiate the various businesses. The human element and strong relationships for which Matrix is known are communicated through people-focused imagery and a confident, emotive editorial voice.

In parallel, our digital team developed a comprehensive, user-focused digital strategy designed to take Matrix into the future by facilitating mobile access and interaction, for both clients and potential employees. We created an innovative responsive design, providing a seamless experience across desktop, tablet and mobile phones.

Setting course for the future

To be effective, a major brand transition like this one has to be rolled out with care. To ensure successful buy-in across the board, Tenet Partners and Matrix worked closely together to frame and execute a comprehensive launch program. Everyone touched by the new brand were part of the launch – executives, managers, general employees, sales and marketing teams, clients, union halls, partners and the investment community. A new value creation story was crafted for shareholders, existing customers were assured of continuity and Matrix team members were given an inspiring new flag and brand story around which to rally.

The results? Today, Matrix is well on its way to meeting its ambitious growth targets, with a new brand that will serve it well for many years to come.

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