Reimagining technology as a lifestyle brand


A longtime leader in digital audio, DTS brings the sound of countless movies to life and plays a role in the performance of most audio brands. Yet, despite its behind-the-scenes prominence, the company was relatively unknown. It needed to gain traction with key audiences, from consumers and equipment manufacturers to music and film producers.


The company’s name reflects its origins in the film industry—it was originally called Digital Theater Systems—and it was time to change that mindset by finding the best way to speak directly to end users, so they could better understand the presence and value of DTS technology in their lives.


Tenet took a two-pronged approach to helping DTS advance its brand. First, our strategists worked with DTS to explore positioning opportunities in new application areas such as car audio, personal computers and other related entertainment businesses. Second, we enabled the company to enhance its visual presence by bringing DTS technology to the forefront—a key element of becoming more consumer-focused.

The “technology inside” approach to visual branding is well established, having been used successfully by DTS competitor Dolby among many others in related industries. Tenet strategists expanded on this by recommending a more personal positioning, using the tagline “Surround Yourself” to emphasize the high-quality experience that DTS provides.

Tenet’s creative team developed a new graphic identity and launch campaign to raise excitement for the brand. We also helped redesign and fine-tune the DTS and DTS-HD logos. The new design and brand architecture made the identity more prominent and easier to use on audio equipment, in software and in expanding digital communications channels. This provided the company with a clear presence in the lives of consumers—a subtle reminder of DTS as part of their entertainment experience.


Thanks to more effective positioning against its competitors, DTS has been able to maintain the value and price of its technology as well as differentiate itself from arch-rival Dolby Labs. Today, DTS technology is built into hundreds of millions of electronic devices worldwide, unlocking theater-quality audio for consumers everywhere.

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