Analytics: the confidence of fact-based decisions

How data and analytics measure the pulse of brand health

When you have a brand with as rich a history as Transamerica, the 100-year old private holding company for various life insurance companies and investment firms, maintaining and building value for that brand is vital. Reliable data on a brand’s performance relative to its industry, and over time, is essential for guiding sound investment decisions. For over a decade, Transamerica has turned to us as a trusted partner to help provide that data.

Transamerica counts on consistent measurement of brand health to assess the impact of current advertising campaigns, such as “Transform Tomorrow,” while ensuring that long-term brand and communication investments stay on course.

An audience that provides unique perspective and continuous benchmarking

Transamerica is able to continuously track brand health metrics for an audience aligned with its major consumer segments, utilizing our research panel of business leaders, affluent consumers, retail investors and opinion influencers. With our current actionable insights, Transamerica can identify trends, such as brand momentum, and consider investing to create additional brand value, when that opportunity matters. Similarly, Transamerica can keep a watchful eye on key competitors to identify disruptive forces and shifts in their competitive landscape.

Transamerica uses our BrandPower benchmarking database to gain a broad view of the financial services landscape, while keeping a bird’s-eye view on their direct competitors in their Life Insurance sector.

An accurate historical view provides vital intelligence for future decision making

To guide important decisions during both a healthy economic climate with growth opportunities, as well as during turbulent times, Transamerica can count on our reliable set of historical data to inform future decisions. For example, a clear understanding of past financial crises, and their impact on long-term brand health, helps Transamerica gauge the risk of disruptive trends that may surface at any time.

During a financial crisis, insurance industry leaders show greater brand resilience, while industry followers’ brand health suffers severely.

Understanding past financial crisis and time to recover provides valuable insights for current and future decisions

The data revealed that the perception of insurance companies, and their favorability – a key indicator of brand health – declined sharply both before and during the last crisis. As a whole, the insurance industry has yet to recognize a full recovery to brand health metrics, such as reputation.

Learning from the past – prepared for the future

Always aware, Transamerica is able to anticipate new opportunities and risks sooner so that their team can be prepared to safeguard its cherished brand for the next 100 years.

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