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Soaring to new markets

Rockwell Collins honors its heritage while looking to the future

Innovation marks a company’s ability to sustain competitive advantage and market leadership. Without question, Rockwell Collins enjoys a reputation as one of the most future-focused companies in the world. More precisely, Rockwell Collins is known for innovation that performs in the most demanding applications without fail. From its participation in the space program in the 1960s to designing the most advanced avionics and communication systems in use today, Rockwell Collins is the brand that customers charged with delivering critical missions count on.

Defining independence

While its history is worthy of celebration, it also presented an interesting dilemma for Rockwell Collins as it sought to clarify and strengthen its identity after spinning out of the conglomerate, Rockwell International. The Rockwell and Collins names are deeply embedded in the history of America’s aerospace and communications equipment industries – each with a powerful legacy and a source of great individual pride. Unfortunately, these strong brand names kept the combined Rockwell Collins from seeing itself as one entity.

When heritage meets innovation for the benefit of customers

Starting with a deep look at the business and research with customers, investors, employees and other key audiences, the Tenet team guided management as they made the choice to keep the name for the company, embark on a new strategic positioning and innovate its brand to achieve future growth ambitions.

Tenet reaffirmed and articulated the Rockwell Collins brand attributes: a heritage founded on reliability, a continuous drive toward innovation and a relentless commitment to building strong customer relationships. The brand promise, Building trust every day, conveyed a clear sense of purpose. Together with a bold new word-mark, dynamic visual and verbal identity, website, and brand engagement programs, the stage was set for a reinvigorated culture and market momentum.

With confidence and revitalized energy, Rockwell Collins was ready to move forward. That’s reflected by its rapid ascent as one of the most admired and best performing companies in America.

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