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Conduent sales people connect with clients through refreshed conversation decks

In 2016, Xerox spun-off of its Xerox Business Services division and rebranded the new company as Conduent. The new entity would continue to operate as the world’s largest provider of diversified business process services dedicated to helping businesses and governments deliver quality services to their constituents. Whether providing digital payments, claims processing, benefit administration, automated tolling, regulatory compliance or distributed learning, Conduent’s clients include the majority of Fortune 100 companies and over 500 government entities around the world.

Conduent needed to demonstrate their knowledge of their clients’ businesses and the solutions they could deliver.

Conduent knows their customers, inside and out

Because Conduent’s goal was to optimize and modernize the interactions between their clients and their constituents, the sales pitch decks that Conduent’s sales force use to solicit new business had to reflect their specific point of view: putting the client’s end-user first. That simple fact was a huge differentiator for Conduent’s business. As expert practitioners, they deeply understand their client’s business from multiple perspectives. In many cases, Conduent takes on the persona of their clients in customer care call centers. And Conduent’s solutions are decidedly constituent-centric.

A new approach for presentations

With the new brand in place after the spinoff, Conduent needed to have consistent messaging, as well as a new look and feel for its pitch decks that were used as client conversation starters in the sales process. Conduent came to Tenet Partners with the task of taking their legacy Xerox PowerPoint decks and re-thinking their structure, as well as design. Sharper and more focused messages were needed across all 15 lines of Conduent’s businesses, as well as a visual identity that reflected the new brand.

A deeper understanding of customer needs

Tenet created a templated process that would enable us to rapidly capture information then be able to write and design each of the 15 different business line presentations. For the entire redesign process to be successful, we knew we had to get a quick, yet deep, understanding of the different Conduent businesses, and the unique needs of clients in each category. With a tight deadline for the upcoming sales season, Tenet needed to act fast.

Interviewing Conduent’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) was the first step. To efficiently speak with each business unit, the Tenet team developed a uniform interview guide that would uncover an overview of the current business landscape, assess Conduent’s strengths and differentiators, define the customer’s considerations and give shape to the client conversation deck.

Saying more with less

We also set a goal to create a modular customizable approach to give each sales team the option to construct a presentation that best fit their personal presentation style, as well as show a deep understanding of the client’s needs.

To maximize the potential for conversation and minimize the dullness of presentation, we limited the number of pages in the decks and de-cluttered the slide contents. With less copy, and more images and icons, Conduent sales presenters could move quickly from a snapshot of Conduent’s global credentials to an understanding of the client’s challenges to top-line solutions that demonstrated Conduent’s experience and expertise in putting the constituent’s customer first. The use of large photographs depicting the client’s constituents further demonstrated Conduent’s focus on serving their needs. Tenet also made the PowerPoint Client Conversation decks more user-friendly by including Speakers Notes that enabled Conduent presenters to customize the decks to support their meetings and personal presentation style.

Advancing the Conduent solution

By the end of the assignment, Tenet had produced 15 Client Conversation decks for Conduent—each one customized for the specific line of business, yet visually and verbally aligned with the Conduent brand voice and brand standards. The Conduent sales force were able to hit their markets with a fresh look that reflected the new brand and spoke to the strengths of Conduent in meeting their client’s challenges.

Larry Oakner, Senior Partner, Tenet
“Gaining the knowledge from the subject matter experts helped us shape content that was right on the money.”

Andrew Douglas, Director, Editorial Services
This was a great opportunity to change the sales dynamic. The conversation with clients now becomes “How can we help you can reach your goals?”

Allyson Burroughs, Vice President, Marketing Commercial Industries, Conduent
“We got one big vote of confidence with the comment “I am in love with this presentation!”

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