Advice to CMOs

CMOs field guide to operating in a pandemic


  • Do not live in your fears
  • Do not disappear by going quiet and leaving your corporate brand to the whims of the market
  • Understand your role in the economy and how you can have a positive impact
  • Do not be afraid to tout your contributions and actions to help
  • Communicate aggressively, do not leave your audience in the dark
  • Corporate brands are the culmination of perceptions, impressions can be made quickly but perceptions change slowly over time


  • Make sure all departments are in alignment with the overall goals and game plan
  • The best time to get the most value from advertising is when everyone else is pulling back
  • The companies that communicate successfully will shorten and decrease the negative impacts on their corporate brands
  • Corporate brands are resilient resources that move slowly, they can be boosted to retain value, but value lost will also recover slowly — work hard to retain value


  • Review your corporate vision and mission because these are the center of your brand
  • Reassess your core values to be certain they are in alignment with today’s changing needs
  • Develop real-time insights capability using text analytics and build predictive forecasting models
  • Identify the issues you are hearing from your employees and customers
  • Develop a communications plan that provides a consistent message to all constituencies
  • Establish short-term and long-term goals for the campaign, the coronavirus won’t last forever so plan for the business trending back to normal

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