A message from our CEO and Chairman

Welcome to Tenet’s 2017 Top 100 Most Powerful Brands report.

We’re living in a time of blurred lines. Collisions of corporate brands, and industries, that rarely compete are increasingly common. At the same time, the meteoric rise of convergent brands, innovating and engaging in new ways to redefine entire industries is complicating the business landscape. Amazon, for example, is hard to put neatly into any one box. It’s into e-commerce, physical retail, technology infrastructure, media, electronic hardware, logistics… and the list goes on.

The factors driving this kind of wide-ranging innovation and disruption have significant implications for how leaders build and manage their brands to compete. It’s clear that management and accounting systems are not keeping up and must change quickly to comprehend the enormous value of brands and the diverse landscape in which they must function.

Innovation and disruption-driven opportunities have surfaced for investors too. Analysts are waking up to the reality that brands represent a significant component of enterprise value. Yet, few tools are available to incorporate a brand’s intangible value into their analysis.

Answering a single question: “What does a brand contribute to a company’s value?” has more significance than ever before. Tenet’s CoreBrand® data helps answer that question by tracking nearly 1,000 different companies across 50 industries. It is from this data that we derive the findings for the Top 100 Most Powerful Brands report.

That same CoreBrand 1000 Data is now delivering value to an increasing range of stakeholders. This year Exponential ETFs and Brandometry launched the new BVAL ETF based on the BTW50 index, giving investors a vehicle to leverage our research. This is an exciting new development, validating our belief in the power of brand data and analytics related to corporate performance.

Tenet is also bringing the benefits of brand data analytics to the boardroom. Providing insights into corporate brand performance and brand value is the mission of our CoreBrand Analytics practice. Its rolling quantitative research provides the only on-demand, dynamic corporate brand valuation and performance dashboard across all industries. And now we’re expanding our research, this year introducing a new Culture of Innovation metric to begin exploration of how this critical competitive element impacts the intangible value of brands.

With the publishing of our 10th annual report, we are more excited than ever to share that the Tenet CoreBrand 1000 is playing an essential role in helping business leaders and investors innovate in this rapidly evolving environment.

Hampton Bridwell
CEO, Tenet Partners

James Gregory
Chairman, Tenet Partners

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