Managed Services

Much of what’s involved in managing a brand is not the best use of valuable internal talent. Through Tenet Brand Assist we take on these routine—yet essential—tasks for you. That means more time available to strengthen your brand.

Managed services, in which tasks are efficiently and expertly handled by a trusted and knowledgeable outside partner, has proven itself over decades in the IT space. Tenet has taken this concept and extended it to brand management in a unique way with Brand Assist. It’s a simple idea, but revolutionary.

By combining the brand management, governance, design, and production capabilities of experienced professionals with a cloud-based technology platform, we can shift most of your day-to-day workflows to a highly cost-efficient and effective resource. It’s brand management done faster, simpler, with better quality of service, so you can improve the value you provide to your organization—and that’s a smart use of resources.

Brand Assist can help you:

  • Safeguard your brand by ensuring adherence to brand strategy and design guidance
  • Gain efficiencies throughout your organization through a resource focused on management
  • Speed creation and approval by streamlining workflows
  • Simplify project and budget management by taking on tasks from scoping to tracking and day-to-day coordination
  • Support your team by assisting with asset retrieval, project routing and “brand help desk” assistance
  • Add value to brand management by helping you plan more effectively
  • Digitally transform brand asset management through cloud-based asset repositories, performance reporting and automated processes

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