The company we keep

In 2009, our company became 100% employee-owned. The result: a firm that creates value for our clients, our associates and the communities in which we live. The employee stock option plan, or ESOP, enhances our ability to deliver on that commitment.

We’re not just employees. We’re members of a community. Ownership binds us together as a team in a way that conventional management-worker relationships cannot. ESOP means we’re more invested in our own business and the constructive, collaborative spirit this creates extends into the work we do for our clients. Your success is literally our success, on a very personal level.

Employee ownership isn’t good just for our associates. It carries distinct benefits for our clients

Talent that is committed to clients

Our people are the firm. We all display a level of loyalty that is far above the norm – the average length of service for our associates is over seven years. That stability provides a level of continuity and knowledge that is rare in our industry. Being able to work with teams that remain familiar with your company, vested in your objectives and engaged with the dynamics of your business, is proven to make a difference, whether it’s a long-term relationship or a project-oriented engagement.

A destination for talent

The ESOP allows every new associate to participate in the ownership of the company. We invest in our team and the team invests in the company and the relationships they make with clients. The perfect virtuous cycle. This helps us keep fresh ideas flowing by attracting and retaining the best. This continuous renewal challenges the status quo and adds energy and excitement to our culture.

A performance culture that rewards great work

Our clients think about performance every day and our ownership culture means that we do too. Clients in public companies and private institutions are driven to deliver ever-higher levels of performance for their organizations. Our ability to understand the nature of what drives success for business is vital to being able to build great brands. Our ownership perspective and the associated reward help us bring this insight to every engagement.

It’s about people who serve clients

For 40 years, we have made our mark by being a firm known for having an approachable style, for doing very high-quality work and for serving our clients so that they may achieve better business outcomes. With our shared ownership, the ability to align our service to clients with the long-term interests of our employees will help us bring that heritage forward into the future.

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