Larry Roth

Larry Roth

Senior Partner, Digital

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I was a geek before the world knew what a geek was, before it was fashionable to be a geek, before mothers, across the nation, wished their children would become doctors, lawyers or geeks! With deep roots in technology, I was surprised to find out how companies rarely took advantage of all the power they had at their fingertips to transform their business. I quickly saw an opportunity to help them harvest that potential.

Starting out at RIT, I did just this by helping to create the Center for Digital Media, focusing on the use of digital for teaching and business applications. Working as an educator provided me the right foundation to show companies that software can be both enjoyable and valuable.

I've put that experience to work for corporations like Chevron, UBS and John Deere, guiding their transition to the digital world and the global marketplace. Taking time to understand our clients’ business goals and their customers’ needs, we are able to develop, implement and monitor the right solutions.

Forever the educator, I continue to write and speak on the ways in which organizations can enhance their customer experience using mobile, social and innovative new apps. And how the right strategy will never fail to produce the best outcomes for all involved…from the customers, to the employees and shareholders.

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