Tenet Partners CoreBrand Data Boosts Brand Value ETF (BVAL) As It Rings NYSE Closing Bell

New York, NY (June 19, 2018) – Brandometry and Tenet Partners will be ringing the Closing Bell® at the New York Stock Exchange today to celebrate the first anniversary of the Brand Value ETF (NYSE: BVAL), which is based on the .BVAL Index powered by Tenet CoreBrand® 1000 Data.

“Tenet Partners is very proud to celebrate our work with Brandometry to build the first Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) that uses our corporate brand-tracking data” says Hampton Bridwell. “Nearly 30 years ago, Jim Gregory, our Chairman had the foresight to build this incredible data asset that helps corporations and investors realize the power of brand value. Building an investable index that is actively traded is an incredible achievement for Tenet and a first for any branding firm”

The underlying analysis of the .BVAL Index includes a cross reference to historical brand value metrics provided by Tenet CoreBrand Data. The Tenet CoreBrand methodology is aligned to ISO standards and reviewed by the Marketing Accountability Standards Board (MASB) MMAP auditors

Using a combination of research and advanced analytics, Tenet is helping the C-suite drive positive business outcomes. Tenet has been tracking the vitality of 1000 corporate brands across 50 industries for 28 years.

For more information about Tenet Partners visit tenetpartners.com.

About Tenet Partners

Tenet Partners is a brand innovation firm that transforms organizations through a blend of research, strategy, design and technology. CoreBrand Data Science, a Tenet Partners Company, leverages the power of predictive analytics and data science to transform how corporations and capital markets can generate value with their brands.

About Brandometry

Brandometry provides research for advisors and clients striving for excess returns by signaling when to own leading brands. Brandometry has pioneered a new, non-traditional index based on “Brand.” The EQM Brand Value Index (Index Ticker: BVAL), combines qualitative brand signals with financial data to show the full picture of a company’s investment potential.

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