Connolly iHealth Technologies partners with Tenet to rebrand the company as Cotiviti

Cotiviti, the new corporate brand, reflects the company’s unique strength to deliver insight that generates exceptional business outcomes for the top healthcare payers and retailers

New York, NY (September 30, 2015) – Tenet Partners, a leading brand innovation and marketing firm, joins Connolly iHealth Technologies in the celebration of its new brand: Cotiviti. Formed from the merger of Connolly and iHealth Technologies, Cotiviti plays a pivotal role in the healthcare and retail industries – delivering improved payment accuracy and financial results to clients using deep industry expertise, powerful analytics and innovation to unlock value.

Working in collaboration with the company’s executive team, Tenet was tasked to create a unified brand platform that would convey the breadth and depth of Cotiviti’s combined expertise, technology and analytics capabilities to help clients capture value across their payment activities. Providing prospective and retrospective claim reviews to 20 of the top 25 US healthcare payers, as well as audit and recovery solutions to nine of the top 10 US retailers, Cotiviti identifies and addresses incongruities in payment streams, adding up to billions of dollars in savings for their clients.

“Cotiviti sprang from the belief that, by combining the knowledge from two proven industry leaders, the organization could generate deeper insight – looking more broadly and deeply at all the information across the entire ecosystem of payments, agreements, policies and relationships,” said James Cerruti, Senior Partner at Tenet Partners. “Cotiviti represents a new chapter in the company’s history, with a steadfast focus on helping their clients uncover hidden sources of value in a data-driven world.”

The new name Tenet created, Cotiviti, underscores the company’s compelling combination of a collaborative client approach with creative problem solving that benefits clients in the two industries Cotiviti serves. Sophisticated and contemporary, the logo depicts the complexity and volume of data Cotiviti works with. The yellow pop of color amid the varied blue data stream is a symbol of Cotiviti’s ability to uncover hidden opportunities to deliver greater value.

To engage the organization in a thorough outside-in and inside-out strategy and creative process, Tenet brought in a multidisciplinary team of strategists, designers, content specialists and digital experts from the onset of the program. Together, and in collaboration with Cotiviti’s senior management team, they conducted client interviews, customer journey mapping and a competitor audit that informed the development of the brand positioning and related tagline – “Analytics. Insight. Value.”

As employees from different businesses were coming together under a single umbrella, it was imperative to help everyone understand the essence of the new brand and the shared vision for the future. To that end, Tenet designed and initiated a brand behavior training program that reached all Cotiviti employees in the US, Canada, the UK and India. Tenet also designed a comprehensive, multi-channel brand rollout strategy, extending to internal and external audiences. This approach resulted in a powerful and cohesive expression across all touchpoints: a new corporate website and user portals, a brand launch microsite, video and other marketing collateral to drive awareness and excitement around the September 28th brand launch.

“Tenet helped us crystallize the unique strengths that have always given Connolly and iHealth Technologies a competitive advantage,” said Michael Axt, Chief Marketing Officer of Cotiviti. “Now, under one unified corporate brand, we are excited for our clients to experience the power of our merged company and the value we can deliver when we bring our distinct strengths together.”

Cotiviti’s headquarters is located in Atlanta, GA with a broad footprint across the US. The company also has offices in Canada, the UK and India. Cotiviti’s retail business will operate as Connolly, a division of Cotiviti, while its healthcare business will operate as Cotiviti Healthcare.

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