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Tenet Partners rated a top agency by Clutch

Tenet Partners is rated as a leading branding agency by Clutch, a ratings and reviews agency that helps buyers select the right provider for their needs. In order to receive our top ranking, Clutch analysts evaluate Tenet’s market presence by reviewing our client base, examples of past projects and overall expertise. Clutch analysts speak directly with our clients to understand the quality of our work and partnerships. Their conversations are converted into reviews that are published on our Clutch profile. Below are a few excerpts from a range of clients for which we completed a variety of projects and/or have ongoing relationships. These reviews were sourced from Clutch.

Implementation and visual identity for global financial services company headquartered in New York, NY

“I feel like it’s truly a partnership and it’s very seamless. I don’t get the issue I do with some other agencies where I feel like they’re trying to upsell me, or consistently talking to me about budget issues, or trying to better their own business. I feel that Tenet Partners is really working on our behalf to better our business, and that makes it very comfortable and enjoyable to work with them.”
-Marketing Leader

Rebrand engagement for a medical device company headquartered in Irvine, California

“They figured out how we were being perceived and helped determine how we would like to be perceived.”
-Kerry Gerot, Brand Manager

Rebrand for Long Beach Airport in Long Beach, California

“They are subject matter experts when it comes to branding and identity, and the digital marketplace. They’re extremely conscientious, extremely knowledgeable, and they really care. They provided us with a great product and a great process. I really can’t speak highly enough of the team at Tenet Partners and the process we went through with them. The results have been excellent. It was an extremely thorough, well-researched, and professional process. They care very much about the working relationship and the results, and they are very ethical and really pay attention to costs. They provided us the highest quality customer service as well as the highest quality product. We’re very pleased with the process and with Tenet Partners entire performance on this contract.”
-Public Affairs Officer

Rebrand for Found Animals, a non-profit headquartered in Los Angeles, CA

“One of the things I like was that they are independent…They aren’t owned by a huge agency conglomerate. They were able to make their own decisions and move quickly when they needed to. That’s definitely a bonus and a definite selling point for me.”
-Chris Osche, Senior Director of Marketing Communications

Brand analytics for Eastman Chemical Company headquartered in Kingsport, TN

“Their work has raised awareness internally with our key decision makers, and certainly with our investor relations group, about the process and approach to evaluating a brand as a part of a portfolio.”
-Aimee Davis, Director of Communications

Rebrand for an industrial distribution company, headquartered in Charlotte, NC

“Tenet excels at scalability in managing the issues that arise with a merger….They had to learn a very complicated business in a very short period of time. I don’t know if anyone could have done a better job than they did at learning the business at the speed we required.”
-VP of Marketing

Product naming for a nationally recognized hotel chain headquartered in Irving, TX

“What appealed to us about Tenet was the [design thinking] process. With a short timetable to develop a battery of new names, we felt that blending their expertise with our insider perspective could get us to the finish line in a timely and high-quality manner.”
-VP of Brand Marketing

Brand management for NAREIT, a non-profit association headquartered in Washington DC

“Their accessibility was the thing that impressed me the most. No matter what it was or when it was, if I needed something, they always accommodated me.”
-VP of Marketing

Rebranding for Sourcewell, a government agency located in Staples, MN

“They adapted quickly and were very attentive. We felt like we were their only customer. We were only planning on a six-month engagement, but we’ve stretched out to more than a year and have had a really great experience with them. Their flexibility and patience were amazing, and they showed thoughtfulness, professionalism, and expertise throughout the process.”
-Sarah Speer, Marketing and Public Relations Manager

Campaign development for a global aerospace and defense company, headquartered in Cedar Rapids, IA

“Tenet was a big part of our campaign strategy and the launch. Our internal team and our CEO felt we did a great job and set the bar high for next year. Our customers saw us everywhere, and the campaign really resonated with the target audience…They were an essential partner in a critical moment in our company’s journey.”
-Corporate Brand Manager

Brand development for a specialty insurance company headquartered in Hartford, CT

“The quality of their team is wonderful. We felt like we were working with a leading independent branding consultancy with very distinctive native talent. We had a great experience working with them and I really trust them. They have a data-driven process and made sure the guidance they provided was grounded in fact. We were assured that they were preparing us for the right outcomes.”
-VP of Corporate Communications

Website development for Connecticut Fund for the Environment headquartered in New Haven, CT

“Tenet unified the brand identity and enhanced the website’s overall engagement. By taking the time to understand the organization, their team was able to deliver a beautiful, user-friendly website. Internal team members are impressed with the quality of the work and are appreciative of Tenet’s dedication to the project.”
-Curt Johnson, President & CEO

Brand management for a financial services non-profit organization headquartered in Charlottesville, VA

”They’re collaborative and work well with our internal team. Their designs are always clean and match our brand guidelines. If I ever have a question, they take the time to explain answers and options, which not all firms do..”
-Creative & Brand Strategy Director

Brand and website development for Genesee & Wyoming headquartered in Darien, CT

“What sets them apart is the degree of thought they put into everything they do. We begin each project with a call to go over the scope, then they’ll research the background and put together recommendations or proposals that are always well thought out and professionally executed.”
-Michael Williams, VP of Corporate Communications

Brand management for a business services corporation headquartered in Florham Park, NJ

“Tenet Partners stuck to their costs and time estimates from start to finish. They went above and beyond to deliver the best possible customer service. I can reach out to them at any time and get a quick response to a problem or small task at no extra charge.
-VP of Global Marketing

Brand management for a global printing technologies corporation headquartered in Norwalk, CT

“Tenet Partners handles both small and large projects very well. Tenet Partners navigates the intricacies of working with our large corporation. Each project has numerous stakeholders who we have to get to agree. They pull the information they need from us effectively to maintain progress.”
-Head of Global Brand

Brand development for CIEE, a study abroad organization headquartered in Portland, ME

“I’ve worked with Tenet Partners on three major projects over the last 20 years. They are my go-to partner whenever I have a brand strategy, technical, or web design projects..”
-Brenda Majeski, CMO and VP of Strategic Initiatives

Content and design for SASB, an accounting non-profit headquartered in San Francisco, CA

“I’ve worked with many agencies over the years, and they stand out as having authentic design creativity. They see beyond the mandate they’re given in a project and bring to it their own unique perspective.”
-Jean Rogers, Former CEO

Content and design for a large telecommunications company headquartered in Stamford, CT

“It’s nice to work with Tenet Partners’ accommodating team. A lot of changes happen regularly with large enterprises. Their team takes everything in stride.”
-Content Marketing Manager

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