Duct Tape - Function vs. Form

September 4, 2014

As artistic as I profess to be, I’ve never understood the reasoning behind merging color with scents. Why we need a colored ink stick to smell like grapes confuses me to this day, which may be why the latest offering from Duck Tape confuses me in the exact same way. Just like the scented markers, I’m curious as to the reasoning behind scented Duck Tape and why a brand needs to stretch out into another of the five senses.

I’m a fairly crafty person, who also travels, hikes, rock climbs, works at conventions, and does various activities that eventually require some sort of binding substances to hold stuff together. From holding crate tops closed, putting banners on walls without peeling paint, to even getting wires from underfoot, or ensuring certain pipes have covered seals, I use more types of tapes than I realized, until I came across the latest and...quirkiest style of Duck Tape.

Now even though I regularly use their colored duck tape (primarily silver, black, and white), I’ve also been known to play around with some of their patterned tapes. I’m not against brand diversification or licensing, but I feel like there’s a distinction to be made between licensing your tape out to have One Direction or the New York Yankees logo on a roll of tape verses having my fuscia colored tape smell like cupcakes.

What is the added benefit of my tape smelling like orange cream or bubblegum? I want my tapes to have the function of being durable and sticky. I need painters tape, strapping tape, duck tape, and occasionally electrical tape. I don’t need it to smell like lemons or mint. The function outweighs the form for me.

That said, I have friends who make duct tape wallets, boxes, and other craft-based objects. Scented tape may be a viable option for them. And I will admit to being a fan of the licorice-scented markers I used a few lifetimes ago in elementary school. But nowadays, I want my markers to be the color they claim to be, to not bleed on my paper, and to preferably never run out of ink as replacing them is a pain.

I just hope Duck Tape doesn’t market the same as Mr. Sketchers does with their scented markers. Flatulence from fruit for a scented product doesn’t exactly inspire me to reach for my wallet.

What brands out there do you use regularly that have some odd, unusual, or unexpected options? Would you go for the scented tape, or stick with the more traditional offering?

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