The new Moto X is sure to capture your attention

August 8, 2013

Every brand owner wants their product to stand out from the competition, something that is becoming more challenging in categories crowded with products—lost in a sea of sameness. This is especially true of technology in general and with smartphones specifically. And no matter how many bells and whistles smartphone companies add to the phone and/or to your phone plan, one of the biggest questions asked is, “does it come in different colors?”

Perhaps the folks at Motorola Mobility — Google-owned Motorola Mobility I might add — are finally getting it right as evidenced by dropping the staid Motorola name and launching their new smartphone line as Moto. But that’s only a small part of it. Their new Moto X smartphone uses personalization as a key driver and differentiator. And who among the target audience wouldn't salivate over the idea of designing their own phone? These are the same consumers who grew up designing their own athletic footwear via NikeID and who have become so accustomed to personalization versus mass production.

When consumers are purchasing the new Moto X, they are encouraged to personalize their smartphone via, an online design studio where each smartphone can be customized to best reflect each consumer’s personality. This includes a selection of 18 back colors, seven accent colors and two front colors. A clear case provides added protection while allowing your personal design to always be on display. You can also select which color charger goes best with your home décor (black or white) and you can either accessorize your smartphone with color coordinated or accentuated ear phones. In addition, you can preset your smartphone with your Google ID, one of 16 wallpapers and a custom message that appears each time you turn on your phone. And to top it all off, you can even add your personal signature “design by” laying claim to the ultimate in personalization. Imagine all of this for as little as $200 inclusive of the smartphone and personalization and delivered to your front door within 4 days or less? It’s true. Go ahead and check it out:

While there are many other technology features that may or may not rival that of Apple’s iPhone or Samsung’s Galaxy, Moto X has embraced the concept of engaging consumers through something that is truly fun — personalization beyond what typical cell phone accessories are currently used for. Not to mention that this smartphone personalization concept is sure to make a lot of noise in a very crowded category. Google has undoubtedly resuscitated a once popular cell phone brand that lost its mojo along the way by figuring out how to grab our attention and engage with our smartphones in a totally new way. What do you think?

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