NASCAR: The best branded sport in America

March 13, 2013

I have what some consider to be a “dirty little secret,” a “guilty pleasure” if you will. Do you know the significance of the phrase “Boogity, boogity, boogity?” How about the true significance and power of the number 3? If you do, then you’re familiar with one of the greatest branded sports in America.

I speak of none other than NASCAR. The greatest American past time, which happens to have brand interactions from the drivers, the cars, the tracks, to the races themselves. I know you all remember the SpongeBob SquarePants Movie 300 back in 2004 (yes, that was an actual race title), at the great Lowe’s Motor Speedway (yep, the tracks are branded too). The race where my preferred driver, Greg Biffle, made 4th place in his 3M branded car. You’re not going to get a baseball game with a movie plug in the title, or a football game with a player emblazoned with GoDaddy on their helmet.

And let’s not forget that NASCAR also has the best commercials of any American sport. It’s not all about spending a million bucks for 30 seconds of screen time. It’s about showing off your brand having fun. It’s about the drivers having fun with the brands. Where else are you going to see a UPS truck on a race track? (Who didn’t want to see Dale Jarret race the truck?)

If you’re looking for a little disparity, some black sheep that’s racing against the grain, you could say NASCAR driver Michael Waltrip is being a bit different this year. He decided to re-skin his car to honor Newtown, CT and their recent communal loss. Rather than emblazon all his sponsorship brands akin to the other 42 cars out on the track, Waltrip put a call to action on his car, requesting fans to “Text Newtown to 80888” to give a $10 donation to the Sandy Hook School Support Fund. That’s not something you’re going to see in that sport involving throwing the skin of a pig in some bowl that doesn’t sound as super as everyone makes it out to be.

So how about it sports fans, do you keep up with the greatest branded American sport, or do you spend your Sundays watching men run around in circles with just their feet instead of driving around in circles going 200+ mph?

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