Humble bundle values

October 15, 2012

“Humble bundles” have been fascinating to watch over time. The act of allowing consumers to valuate your products and set their own prices puts a lot of trust on the consumers and a lot of pressure on the product makers. This concept works for indie and small publisher companies, but how can the concepts translate to larger and more mainstream companies?

Indie and small publishing companies don’t have the budgets or history that larger more mainstream companies have. Large companies can afford a multi-platform advertising and marketing campaign. But for the smaller companies, it’s all about reaching consumers via social media, word-of-mouth and less traditional communication outlets.

Small companies can utilize the humble bundle concept to get that initial contact with consumers, in order to start building relationships and grow a brand. Large companies already have that brand visibility, but are always searching for ways to reach new consumers.

What can companies learn from the humble bundle concept? Here’s just three points that have stuck out to me:

There are, of course, risks involved with these tactics. Not all consumers are willing to acknowledge product value, preferring to focus on self-entitlement and instant-gratification.

Can these humble efforts make a difference to for large companies as well as small? I believe so. What about you?

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