CoreBrand honored with The Arc’s 2011 President’s Award

January 30, 2012

Branding has the power to change organizations. Great brands offer a blueprint, a beacon, a horizon for goals, behaviors and attitudes. Great brands unite organizations and drive a passion for success. We say all of this as brand consultants. Making this happen is something that never ceases to be an exciting and rewarding experience.

And, in one engagement that came to fruition last year, I am extremely proud to say that our work at CoreBrand has had a profound and positive impact on the future of one organization in particular for which we have tremendous respect and admiration.

In recognition of our efforts in helping The Arc turn its brand into a true asset for growth, CoreBrand was awarded the The Arc’s 2011 President’s Award. The Arc is the country’s largest non-profit organization working on behalf of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. In its 60-year history, they have never bestowed this award on a company like ours.

2011 was an incredible year for The Arc — and while their spirit and their hard work in communities across the country are the real drivers of The Arc’s continued growth and success — a new brand has brought this organization of more than 700 local chapters together in ways that they simply have been unable to achieve in the past. The new brand was launched in March 2011 and has been rolling out chapter-by-chapter ever since.

This is not a story about a new logo; this is a story about harnessing the power of 700+ impassioned chapters to enable a vital organization to achieve its mission.

At The Arc’s National Convention, it was incredible to see how this new brand has stirred a sense of strength, connection and national pride across the chapter network. Yes to see our giant logo on everything from convention banners to lapel pins is nice. But with a promise built on achievement and opportunity, this new brand has taken root in deeper and more profound ways.

All of us at CoreBrand are extremely proud of our work with The Arc and we thank The Arc, its members and its leadership for this great honor.

We invite you to learn more about The Arc with some of the videos we created to help them tell their story. And we invite you to learn more about getting involved at The Arc.

Jonathan Paisner and Mohan Mehra

Jonathan Paisner, on behalf of CoreBrand, receiving The President's Award from Mohan Mehra, Board President of The Arc.
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