Celebrity status

November 30, 2011

I often wonder what our Brand Power Rankings would look like if we were measuring celebrities and their personalities.

How does the general public view these people and why? What shapes or forms their opinions? Who would be at the top? And who would be at the bottom?

With her 72-day marriage/divorce debacle, I’d say the Kim Kardashian brand has dropped substantially in its favorability ranking. And rightfully so. The brand is obviously based on the reality star and what she does in her personal life, which fluctuates accordingly.

With all the negative press and her strange behavior, maybe the public is becoming less enamored with her and more aware that she is just an actor, behaving a certain way for ratings, coverage and money to add to her estimated net worth of 35 million dollars.

If there is one thing we have learned, it is that the Kardashian brand has no consistency, except for inconsistency. What it says and what it does are totally misaligned. In the branding world, this means a lower investment potential and a diminished company reputation. Neither of which are wanted side effects.

So, with her new under-the-radar family-is-important attitude, where will she and her empire stand at the end of 2011?

Only time will tell how both fare…

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