NBCUniversal: Look for the subliminal message

January 31, 2011

The new NBCUniversal identity seems to breed uncertainty.

The new NBC Universal identity seems to breed uncertainty. Is this a good logo? I don’t know. Does it appropriately evolve this company? I don’t know. And, apparently, many people agree on that point. They simply don’t know what to make of it.

I’ve never been asked for my opinion on any logo as much as I’ve been asked about the new NBC Universal logotype. Having an opinion about a logo seems to be a very personal thing, not necessarily something that needs consultation. When the new Starbucks logo (or should I say the new symbol for what used to be the Starbucks name and logo) was revealed, there was an immediate and passionate outpouring of opinion – most of it negative. The same is true with the new GAP logo that was introduced a few months ago. People either loved it or hated and were willing to share their opinion with the world.

Understanding the strategy behind the logo is the key to being able to judge its long-term effectiveness. At the very least a logo should also create some passion, it should create an impression, and should inspire personal opinions. That so many people have asked me for my opinion, however, certainly raises more questions about NBC Universal than the logotype itself has been able to answer. Must be a subliminal message in there somewhere.

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