Is it Snowmageddon yet?

January 21, 2011

It’s not even February and we’ve already survived three “named” storms in 2011. What’s next?

For those of us who have finally dug out from the great Nor-Easter, blizzard, Snowmageddon of 2010, its time to get ready for a winter of storm coverage.

With each new storm comes a new branding challenge. Unlike Hurricanes with their official names, snow events are left to the creativity of the media and the masses.

The country got started with the Great Snow of 1717 — pretty self-explanatory. By the time we got through the Civil War, storm namers needed an extra adjective for the Great White Hurricane on 1888 (just in case you didn’t know what color it was). In 1940, history played a helping hand with the Armistice Day Storm — or is that the Veterans Day Blizzard?

Today, the news media seems to have reverted to pretty bland names like the Nor-Easter of 2010 — relying instead on ominous production values and wind-swept reporters to drum up ratings.

Fear not, the bloggers have filled the void. Rush Limblizzard, Pablo Escobar's Revenge, Snoverload, or the president’s favorite Snowpocalypse now fill the vernacular. With each new storm, the snow bound will seek unique brands to make sure their nine-hour subway ride goes down in history.

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