A good deed is sometimes not the only reward

October 14, 2010

To help aid the rescue efforts of the Chilean miners, Oakley sent authorities in Chile about 35 pairs of its high end Radar model UV-blocking sunglasses. Some report that the glasses go retail for as high as $450 per pair. That’s a donation of up to $15,750… not counting shipping.

These glasses have been a real star in the coverage of the mine rescue. In casually watching the coverage it sounds like the talking heads on TV mention the glasses each time one of the miners is pulled up. They also talk about them often when there is dead air. That’s a lot of airtime over the course of the rescue.

From what I’ve garnered, these glasses basically stop anything bad that can ever happen to your eyes. They may be able to reverse aging and cure the common cold. And, they actually look pretty cool.

In one story, the CNN anchor held up a pair of the glasses, named the model, talked about all the different UV radiation that they blocked and then talked about how stylish they were. At the end of the story, he thanked Oakley for providing the glasses for the story but more importantly for their charitable contribution to the rescue efforts of the miners. I’m sure the communications team at Oakley said a big “you’re welcome”.

Front Row Analytics provided research to CNBC putting an advertising equivalency figure of $41,000,000 on just the television coverage of the glasses. That’s some pretty savvy marketing and quite an ROI. Kudos to Oakley for the good deed and a pat on the back to whoever came up with the play.

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