The iPad joins Apple's iBrand family

April 19, 2010

As with previous brand launches, the iPad enters a market that has already existed, but is being raised to a completely new level. There are new controversies, criticisms, and an increased sense of competition. Mainly due to the iPad effectively summing up what a tablet PC should be: light, quick and easy to use.

Exemplifying the key traits of Apple, the iPad is aesthetically sleek, with a uniform shape and easy to use user interface, and fits itself very comfortable in between the iPhone and iPod. It also has access to all that is Apple, via iTunes, iBook, and the ubiquitous app store.

The iPad will effectively push the tablet PC industry forward and shift the eBook landscape with their iBook setup.

In a world where the consumer wants it his or her way, all the time, the protective restrictions on Apple products can cause a bit of ire, and a chink in the proverbial armor. Competitors are pouncing on the lack of USB outlets, missing flash support, and inability to remove the battery or add more memory.

As the ever-sought-after iPod or iPhone killers are still missing from the market, Apple can continue to roll out their market-changing products, leaving consumers with that “just one more thing” mentality keeping them satisfied.

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