Ghost brands: Revitalizing dearly departed

November 3, 2009

When looking to create a new corporate identity or product brand name sometimes it makes sense to look at the recently departed brands instead of cranking up the naming machine. Brand equity has a half-life that survives long after a brand or company expires or is merged into extinction. That brand equity can still be brought back to life if the brand’s reputation is unscathed and the concept fits with your business strategy.

There are competitive advantages to acquiring a pre-established brand; the research and name are already complete and legally protected, and of course there might be some existing brand equity that can be transferred into a new branding effort.

Many good brands were lost with the recent decline of the economy. Some of the best can survive a corporate downfall, and be revitalized using the reserve of brand equity value as a springboard to bring a brand back to life in a different company, and expand on an existing awareness to reach new heights.

CoreBrand has identified over 120 brand names that are available for immediate acquisition. These are the trademarks only – not the products that come with them. All of these names are ready to evolve their brand to its next reincarnation.

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