Hello Altegrity

July 21, 2009

USIS came to CoreBrand in late 2008 as a company made up of three industry leaders. Yet as powerful as each of these components was on its own, the leadership team at USIS knew that the big opportunity hinged on bringing these companies together under a common vision and a common promise. They needed a rich and compelling new brand to help align their businesses today while serving as a beacon to drive the growth of tomorrow. And, with our help, that is exactly what they have. Say hello to Altegrity!


Altegrity is a decision intelligence company that brings together the capabilities and experience of USIS, HireRight and Explore Information Services - three companies that share a common DNA in helping their customers make smart business decisions. The Altegrity brand was launched internally earlier this year, amidst significant operational change that has helped the company achieve a whole that is, indeed, greater than the sum of its parts.

This week, the rest of the world will say hello to Altegrity. We invite you to learn more at {rokbox size=|1000 475| text=|http://www.altegrity.com|}http://www.altegrity.com{/rokbox} and check out “The Story of Altegrity” video on the lower right of the home page.

Creating a new brand from scratch is no small task. Bringing the leadership from across the organization together on a promise and a name (a globally ownable one, at that!) and a logo and an entire identity system is truly a team effort. And for Altegrity, we know that this big step is just the first of many.

Congratulations to the entire Altegrity branding team!

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