Samsung: Form leading function

February 12, 2009

Samsung has tapped into the brand strategy of aesthetics leading functionality in one of their product lines. In this case, laser printers. The key – function must be an immediate 2nd to the form, otherwise quality is sacrificed and the product becomes a glorified paperweight. Samsung’s move to incorporate form and function as a key component of their brand is reflective of their shift in corporate strategy from “fast follower” to “leader”.








There is a fine line between form and function, and few companies can walk that line adeptly. Samsung’s corporate and product brands have a level of hard earned respect and trust, which will ensure customers will take notice of this new addition to their product line. This new printer is being marketed through Apple stores; the combined impression left amongst consumers will be: “This product is classy looking, and offers everything I need from it. It is worth the price they are asking for it.”

Samsung’s new strategy will also garner attention from competitors, as every company is shifting gears to evolve in the new economy and consumers’ budget mindset. Communicating their industry leadership will help Samsung build consumer loyalty, as competitors work to catch up.

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