Polaroid: Instant film goes digital

February 9, 2009

Polaroid is best known for their large, blocky cameras that would spit out a square photograph that would develop before your very eyes. Everyone had his or her tricks to speed up the development: blow on it, shake it quickly, etc. The venerable Polaroid brand was in a class of photography all their own. Up until now, Polaroid had never adequately responded to the digital boom, which took away the novelty of instant viewing. But now, the Polaroid PoGo camera is poised to bring the Polaroid brand back into peoples lives.

polaroid pogo.gif







A digital camera, the PoGo looks similar to a standard digital point-and-shoot camera. Only this one prints 2” by 3” photos right from the camera. No cords, no wireless connections to external printers. It is done right then, right there. Polaroid has finally found a product to bring their instant development concept into the modern world. A product well fitted for the “instant gratification” generation.

The older Polaroid consumers, who have been reluctant to put their Spectra in the back of their closet, now have a modern replacement option. While the younger generation can enjoy this definitive point-and-shoot-and-print camera.

To view Polaroid’s new camera and product specs, visit their website at: http://www.polaroid.com/pogo/

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