Pepsi: Putting on a new smile

November 4, 2008

Pepsi has always been an iconic brand, with an iconic logo. Every few decades, the logo is redesigned, to better portray the company as the industry evolves. A few mockup of a proposed new logo redesign have been published in AdAge and online blogs, and the Internet is awash with consumer feedback. A lot of it negative and derogatory.

As iconic brands gain more and more history behind them, it is understandably difficult to change the brand image, even when deemed necessary. A few mockups of an logo redesign is going to hit a wall of consumers comfortable with the current image. This is normal and expected. That is why it is necessary for Pepsi to ensure consumers that Pepsi is still the quality refreshment it has always been, merely with a new image to personify the new generation of Pepsi drinkers.

The concept behind the new redesign is definitely interesting, but not a completely new image altogether. The red, white, and blue logo has been tilted on its side, with the white stripe becoming what is supposed to be interpreted as a smile. This brings memories of the Coca-Cola slogan of “Have a Coke and a smile.” Hardly the imagery that Pepsi is hoping to elicit from its consumers.
  pepsi logos.gif






Giving a brand a new image really make a positive difference for a corporate or product brand. But it can also make a negative difference just as easily. Pepsi’s new direction is really going to need a solid distribution plan to update everywhere the Pepsi logo adorns, from cans to billboards to trucks. They will need a well thought out and implemented marketing strategy to back up this new image and ensure consumers. Considering Pepsi’s formidable market share, it is safe to believe that Pepsi is up the challenge of creating an appropriate implementation strategy. It is just a matter of time to see what they come up with to accommodate their new, smiling logo.

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