The McCafé: Reaching the Cost-Conscious Consumer

November 3, 2008

McDonald’s is in a position to effectively dominate that middle ground between fast-food coffee economy and premium coffee quality. It is just a matter of effectively convincing consumers that McDonald’s’ “beverage specialists” are a viable option to go to for that morning cup of caffeine.

McDonald’s is always finding new ways to keep up with America’s eating habits. From offering diet-conscious salads to dollar-value meals. And at a time where consumers are counting every dollar, the company that is best associated with the “Dollar Menu” is implementing yet another option to their menu, a McCafè.

McDonald’s has remained steady in CoreBrand’s brand power quantitative research study over the past several years, having reached a plateau of potential. This new product line could raise the bar, if consumers are willing to accept the concept that a fast-food chain can offer “premium” drinks at an affordable price. That dissonance would normally be hard to break through, but considering McDonald’s formidable brand image, it is indeed possible.

Considering that McDonald’s is generally considered as American as apple pie, which it offers at $1 a slice, it is no surprise that they have branched out into the premium coffee and drinks market. Far from stealing the pedestal from Starbucks, McDonald’s looks to be more of a middle ground competitor.

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