Schlitz Regains History

August 12, 2008

Schlitz Beer, a brand once known for making Milwaukee famous, has been dormant since the early 1980s. However, if a brand establishes a solid foundation on quality and reliability of services and products, consumers may remain loyal even after dry spells. This is proving to be true for Schlitz Beer, which is making a steady comeback with the help of the current brand owner, Pabst Brewing Company.

The Schlitz brand had a solid consumer base in the Midwest, but with the changing of management, the altering of the recipe, and a subsequent lowering of quality standards, the brand simply vanished. Since Pabst recently returned the beer to its original palatable formula, Schlitz is steadily regaining its reputation for quality and reliability and stands on a great potential for complete renewal due to the consumer base of thousands of baby-boomers well familiar with the brand at its height.

Pabst Brewing Company, better known for its Pabst Blue Ribbon product line, has recognized the promise of this dormant market for the Schlitz brand because its loyal consumers think fondly of the beer’s original taste. By utilizing the history behind the brand, Pabstis hoping to restore the beer to its thirsty fans. With the implementation of the same color scheme and font as found on the earlier cans, Schlitz can reconnect with its old consumers and also construct the springboard for attracting new customers unfamiliar with this historic brand.

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