A Global Leader Asks, “When Can You Start?”

July 1, 2008

With global stock markets officially in bear territory and the mortgage crisis continuing to roil world economies, it would be easy to say that there’s no good news on the business pages. Look again.

Look at APM Terminals.

A world leader in driving global commerce, APM Terminals continues to grow and lead its industry behind a consistent strategy, a focus on human values and long-term creative thinking. The company is a real success story. In fact, APM Terminals will need to hire thousands of employees over the next five years.

To help in that effort, we developed a recruitment campaign around the question “when can you start?” An evocative call to action, the ‘start’ campaign creates a dialogue with potential recruits, highlights the company’s values-driven culture and focuses on the people who make up the organization.

As part of the campaign, we created web-banners, print ads and transit posters, all globally appropriate and customizable to the local level. All the media drives to a beautiful micro site, www.whencanyoustart.com

Just as importantly, we also created an internal campaign distributed through the company’s intranet, describing the external campaign and providing the tools to transform the company’s 20,000 employees into growth ambassadors. Because, after all, to grow in this market, everyone’s got to work together.

So if you’re looking for a company that continues to offer some good news, look to APM Terminals. But don’t be surprised if they want to know when you can start.


APM Terminals

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