Rocawear: Strength through Adversity

March 17, 2008

The Rocawear clothing brand recently released an interesting ad campaign focusing on strength through adversity, a theme that embodies not only the Rocawear brand but also the hip-hop music industry the brand promotes. This current campaign features notable people from the media who have faced great adversities yet persevered.

One of the more notable faces belongs to Nicole Paultre-Bell, the fiancée to Sean Bell, a man who was tragically killed the day before their wedding. Some believe that the debut of the ad using Nicole and her two children is strategically timed since her fiancé’s killers are currently on trial for their actions.

This has been a bold move for Rocawear in leveraging its brand image in the market. By engaging people like Nicole Paultre-Bell, Jonathan Vilma, and even singer Ciara, Rocawear’s present campaign has the potential to strengthen this brand’s reputation in an industry where reputation is critical.

Successfully balancing notable people from the media, current events, and advertising campaigns is no easy accomplishment for a company, and yet, Rocawear managed to pull it off with great finesse. Thanks to the media celebrities now associated with this clothing company, the Rocawear brand image is definitely receiving affirming attention. This means, however, that the company’s leaders will have to work even harder to continue maintaining their firm’s distinct reputation.

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