PMI: Leveraging tobacco brands in the East

March 5, 2008

Philip Morris International’s (PMI’s) move to become a standalone entity from Altria gives the tobacco giant a greatly improved ability to leverage its cigarette brands in developing countries where the number of smokers is increasing dramatically.

PMI is planning a marketing blitz in Asian countries, especially in China where the smoking demographic is escalating daily. If the negotiations conducted with Chinese tobacco companies prove to be successful, as they most certainly should, PMI’s Marlboro brand, its flagship tobacco product, will be firmly positioned in China because PMI will use locally grown tobacco. As part of its arbitration, PMI will also help retail in Europe selected Chinese brand cigarettes. With the concentration of Marlboro in the booming Asian market, PMI will be in a position of vital leadership in Asian economic development.

A strategy has also been planned for introducing into targeted Asian demographics new products for businessmen and women in need of a quick cigarette break and for smokers worried about contributing to second hand smoke. These new products, like Marlboro Intense, for those smokers short of time, and the Heatbar, which emits 90% less smoke into the air, will ensure that PMI, a soon-to-be global standalone entity, will be well-positioned with the leverage of its brand reputation and creative strength in the growing Eastern European and Asian markets.

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