TiVo Regaining Audience

December 19, 2007

Although many years from being added into the OED, TiVo has become synonymous with digital video recording from television. The TiVo brand has become the equivalent to the Xerox brand. Both define their industry. So why is it that such a familiar brand name has perpetually been in the red financially? The same reason Xerox has to fight for recognition as the definitive “Xerox copy” compared to competitors’ copying capabilities. Low-cost digital video recorders have been undercutting TiVo’s finances for years. That is due to change soon though, as TiVo partners with those that the company once endangered – advertisers.

The TiVo patented time-warp feature allows consumers to fast-forward through commercials, something advertisers cringe at. But now, TiVo is partnering with media outlets to integrate interactive ads during fast-forwarding. Previous partnering with music media companies like RealNetwork Rhapsody and Amazon UnBox allows consumers to watch music videos with ease.

A partnership in the works with Nero, would allow consumers to download recorded video from the television and transfer it to a PC. This new offering would better position TiVo for the continuously evolving media market where consumers are constantly looking for complete integration of media on demand.

The TiVo brand revolutionized the digital video recording business, at the cost of their bottom line. Now is their chance to raise the standards for the industry, and cover their costs as well. This is a brand to keep an eye on in the coming years as the IPod generation continuously searches for the best integration technology for media on demand.

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